Amplify your Intuition, Manifest with Power


Intuition is such an incredibly powerful tool women have innate access to.

However, most women either do not understand how to access it or don’t use it to inform their day-to-day decisions. We’re here to change that!

Imagine if you could get clarity on your heart and soul’s vision so you could re-align your life and feel more...

Sure of yourself and what you want

Purposeful and inspired to take action
Self-loving and accepting

Alive and visible in your own life

Your intuition holds the key to these doors, if you just have the courage to put the key in the lock.

Amplify your Intuition,
Manifest with Power


Gain access to the course portal jam-packed with information and activities to explore your intuition and amplify your manifesting potential. 

The program includes:
• videos
• workbooks
• guided meditations
• rituals; and
• powerful prompts
to explore your intuition.

It’s perfect for you if you’ve never explored your intuition before or want to deepen your practice.

Why this is different from most manifesting and goal-setting work.

Most manifesting and goal-setting focuses on a masculine approach of choosing a mind focussed goal and pushing through.

This program adopts a beautiful, and powerful feminine approach to developing our intuition and using it to enhance our manifesting journey toward a heart-aligned, soul-inspired life. It also acknowledges the pitfalls women often face in manifesting and how to create an authentic, clear connection to one’s inner wisdom.


Tools to Amplify your Intuition to Manifest with power. 

Learn and experience tools including guided meditations, oracle cards, pendulums and accessing your personal inner wisdom to help you connect to the power of your intuition and how to use them to manifest with power.

Guidelines for accessing your intuition. 

Following a few simple steps can mean the difference between clear intuitive guidance and the mind jumping in to take over. This module teaches you a powerful structure to amplify the integrity and clarity of your intuition.


So often women forget to value, honour and prioritise themselves. This module is to support you to find ways that feel good to nourish yourself. This in turn helps both your intuition and manifesting capacity.

Letting Go 

So much of manifesting is about what you are ready and willing to let go of. This module supports you to acknowledge and release what’s been holding you back so you can take heart-aligned action steps with as much ease as possible.


Women as a general rule give, give and give some more. We are trained to be others focussed, meeting the needs of our loved ones over our own. For many women, we need to relearn how to open and receive the bounty that is already waiting for us.

Things that block our intuition (and manifesting) 

An important aspect of learning about our intuition is to understand the common things that block our intuition. This module explores these potential blocks and how to avoid them.

Get lifetime access now for only $47

This program is suitable for all levels and each activity is explained and guided. Most women have never developed their intuition deeply and this course is the perfect place to begin your journey or develop it further.

Don’t be fooled by the price tag as this program is full of everything you need to dive as deep as you choose. We have made this course $47 so it is accessible to everyone. That’s how passionate we are about you learning to access your innate powerful gift of intuition.

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