How to move from feeling lost, invisible and stuck
to become who you've always wanted to be.

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Becoming Me Again is happening June 6 – 26


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21 inspirational stories over 21 days. Countless tools/tips/techniques to create change.


You, me and 21 powerful, transformational female speakers

Here are some of

Our Inspiring Speakers

Tama Kieves

Author / Coach

Create the Work and Life you Love

Carren Smith


Walk through the Darkness into the Light

Kelly Rae roberts

Artist / Author

Seeing the possibility in life and how to take bold, inspired action to claim it


Self Love Expert

The Art of Self Love and  Power to Keep Stepping Forward

Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert

Reconnect and build deep trust in self and others

Leonie Dawson

Author / Business Coach

Living unapologetically as who you are

Deborah Kagan

Mojo Recovery Specialist

Build your inner fire and live your life with more mojo

Peta Woolan

Love & Relationship Coach

Moving beyond breakup and how to trust who we are again

Remi pearson

Speaker / Author

You can find peace and move beyond today’s struggles

Ana Paula

Feminine Leadership Coach

The qualities of feminine leadership and the power of embodiment

Elaina Ray

Business Coach

Learn to navigate the void, while building business the feminine way

Annette Densham

Imposter Syndrome Speaker

Build visibility and let the world see your passion by dropping self doubt

PLUS 9 more incredible speakers in the line up

Is this you?

“I want to feel confident in who I am. To stand in my power and know who I am is ok” 
“I’m tired of doing this alone. I want connection and supportive community”
“I’m questioning the path of success for myself. I want a more feminine and sacred way.”
“I want to claim the freedom to be me. Heart aligned, inner light shining, and fully expressed”

Women are looking around our lives and thinking I deserve more!

✔️ I want more.
✔️ I am worthy of more.
✔️ I am ready for more.

It’s time to reclaim your life, do something different to disrupt the patterns of fear and embrace the wisdom of your heart.


21 days, one powerful interview per day

What are you waiting for? Your vibrant life starts now! 

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