Nutrition and Nourishment

I am Worthy

Thank you Brooke Cagle for your beautiful photo @brookecaglephotography

Giving Space to our Feelings

I am so often guilty of pushing and pushing, doing and doing. It’s the way I’ve been trained to get things done, hold a million balls in the air and just keep going. My body has decided not to keep going over the past couple of weeks. Nothing serious just a cold but I have …

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Come Beloved Woman

Come beloved woman Your heart is heavy You are exhausted Life has taken its toll And here you stand with no more left to give Weariness has won I am sorry beloved woman For all you have endured I am sorry for your sadness I am sorry for your pain Dear beloved woman That ache …

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Fostering Self Worth

One thing I battle with and I see most women battle with is their sense of self worth. This battle between the deep seated and often silent knowing of our own power and magnificence and the feeling we can’t be this and that we must hide or suppress it for our own and others safety. …

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