Listening to the Voices Inside

Is it any wonder we spend a lot of our life, especially our younger life confused. We have 3 voices in our heads (and that’s not even counting the voices of others we often mediate our life with).

We have the voice of our higher self.

The one who
✨ calls us to our greatness,
✨ whispers in our hearts and
✨ encourages us to claim what we love 💛

Then we have the lower voice. The child voice of insecurity, fear, pragmatism. This voice is often logical. It knows all your buttons and is noisy, using thoughts and feelings as weapons to keep us small, quiet, unseen and conforming.

Then there is the human woman, doing her best to navigate and make choices. If she is uninformed, she will often believe the loud child voice. She will trust her fears over the voice of her higher self.

We spend much of our life believing that small child voice. And why wouldn’t we – she reminds us of our hurts, fears, discomforts and pains to ensure we don’t experience that level of pain again.

But she does not create, she does not inspire growth, she does not warm us to a future and present that reflects what we truly long for.

In order to create a life aligned with our truth, we must first CREATE SPACE TO HEAR OUR TRUTH, know it, choose it every day through our actions.

I also believe we must come to know the other voice of the child and her fears so we know when she is leading us off track and can remind ourselves what we want. Reorient. This is a daily process, a moment by moment practice even.

We choose our life through the actions we take.

We are either acting on our fears (which can also look like inaction, stagnation etc) or we are using our life force to take action creating what we value and love.

This is how we become the woman we long to be.

It takes courage and consciousness to consistently foster a deep trust in the woman we are and take those inspired actions…but it’s worth it.

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