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This 20 page gorgeous, powerful manifesting journal will help you clarify your vision, access your feminine power and manifest your heart’s longings into reality.

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A Manifesting Journal guides you to create what you've been longing for!

This free manifestation journal lovingly guides you to re-align with what matters most deeply to you...and manifest it.

The longings in your heart are real. The call you feel to create something more for yourself that feels rich and meaningful, is the whisper of your soul to vision, create, take inspired action.

Women aren’t often taught the power of their creative nature and given the tools to harness their innate ability to manifest. So we created this beautiful, inspiring journal to kick start and amplify your manifesting journey.

It’s packed with potent questions and activities to guide you into your heart and connect with your personal wisdom and truth, so you can manifest with clarity and feminine power.

Are you ready to live a more aligned and intentional life moving forward?

Listen to your Heart, Manifest your Truth

Manifest and create your rich, beautiful, meaningful life.


What is a Manifesting Journal

A powerful tool to learn how to manifest, shape your heart-aligned vision and take powerful inspired action.

A manifestation journal is a powerful tool that leads you on a journey from creating your vision through to bringing it into reality in your life. This manifestation journal is all about creating your heart’s aligned vision. Everyone is different, has different longings and yearnings. This guide to manifest a life you love will help you tap into your heart, your truth, your feminine power.

The Reclaim Her Manifesting Journal asks potent questions and offers inspired activities so you delve deep and shape a gorgeous future that inspires and excites you.

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