Gorgeous Women’s Soul Circle and Intuition Workshop Brisbane 15 August 4-7pm


A beautiful, rich soul circle for women starting their exploration of sacred women’s work and intuition.

If you are just starting out on your spiritual journey and are keen to immerse in a gorgeous, safe sacred women’s space, this is for you! This women’s circle Brisbane and intuition workshop is a gentle, heart-centred space to explore the beauty of “women’s work” and activate the power of your innate intuition.

Most women crave deeper connection with themselves, other warm-hearted women and with the Divine (their expansive spiritual nature). They long to feel seen and have a space to feel and be heard, safely explore and deepen their spiritual connection and above all feel ok in who they are…just as they are.

We’ve heard you and have created a rich, beautiful and held space every month where you can be you, all of who you are, even your messy and uncertain bits!

What sets us apart?

With Sophie’s divine ability to create beautiful events and experiences, and Kareena’s 20 years of exploring intuition and spiritual connection, we offer a space of depth, beauty, sharing and connection. A space where you can share and feel deeply seen with the beauty, power and richness of a woman’s circle AND a space where you can expand and grow while exploring ways to deepen your spiritual practice and consciously access your intuition as a powerful life tool.

Intuition is our passion and in each session we will share practices so you can develop the full depth of your personal feminine power.

Come join us for a rich and nourishing experience:

💛 Melt into a beautiful, heart enriching women’s circle

💛 Learn and develop new ways to connect with your intuition

💛 Explore and deepen your spiritual connection and practice

💛 Enjoy and share delicious light refreshments (supper style) and great company with other warm-hearted women

💛 Open and drop into your heart with a channelled meditation created just for the group

💛 Bask in the pleasure of sharing the beauty and richness of soulful, sacred women’s space

What do I bring?

– A favourite journal/writing paper

– Water bottle

– Comfortable clothing, as we’ll be sitting or lying in meditation

– A favourite cushion (optional. Cushions are provided)

– A yoga mat (optional for meditation. The room is carpeted)

– A light blanket (optional)

– Anything else to be comfortable and cosy

Looking forward to sharing this beautiful experience with you.


💕Kareena & Sophie


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