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Love & Relationships – the different seasons of life

Love and Relationships have seasons in life. My own experience from the freshness of new love like Spring through to the dire coldness of Winter and loss brought with it lessons for how to create a rich, conscious relationship.

Journey back to Self

My journey back to self started with discovering Reiki at 19, then doing natural therapies, kinesiology & a program I loved called Birth into Being. Then there was raising a family & facing some big life struggles. The reason I say all this is that every step was a deepening of awareness of who I …

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The Comparison Game

There is this incredible phenomena where we as women can see the beauty, magic, magnificence and brilliance in other women. We spend our lives comparing and coming up short because we appreciate that women, especially those in our life that we love and resonate with are such incredible beings. We see their light, their beauty, …

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Whose Life are you Living?

Do your actions align with your true values? Values shape our world & can also be a source of grief & stress. Why? Because we ▫️ hold values we think we should have ▫️ we live values we have been taught by our parents and society that often don’t align with our true values, and …

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Listening to the Voices Inside

Is it any wonder we spend a lot of our life, especially our younger life confused. We have 3 voices in our heads (and that’s not even counting the voices of others we often mediate our life with). We have the voice of our higher self. The one who✨ calls us to our greatness,✨ whispers in our hearts and✨ encourages us to claim what we love 💛 Then …

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