The Comparison Game

There is this incredible phenomena where we as women can see the beauty, magic, magnificence and brilliance in other women. We spend our lives comparing and coming up short because we appreciate that women, especially those in our life that we love and resonate with are such incredible beings. We see their light, their beauty, …

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Giving Space to our Feelings

I am so often guilty of pushing and pushing, doing and doing. It’s the way I’ve been trained to get things done, hold a million balls in the air and just keep going. My body has decided not to keep going over the past couple of weeks. Nothing serious just a cold but I have …

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The Power of Feeling

The emotional journey of being a woman is a powerful one but it is often fraught with shame and judgement. This shame and judgement shuts down some of our most potent powers such as empathy, intuition, compassion and discernment. When we shut down one emotion, we shut down or at the very least dull our …

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The Silent Pain

Do you feel it? That calling. That silent pain. That longing, that knowing there is more…even if you don’t know exactly what that is. It’s like an ache, a restlessness, a tightness in the chest. At this point, some women (most women) resist. We become busy, distract ourselves, focus on others, create conflict/chaos, perhaps even …

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