A fully immersive experience designed to nourish your mind, heart & body, and help you live the life that honours who you really are!!

Welcome Beautiful


We are beyond excited that you will be joining us for our retreat. You can expect days and nights of depth, beauty, feeling, exploration and transformation.

Together we will weave a potent space for you to let down your resistance and step into the woman you yearn to be.

Friday 10th – Sun 12th November 2023

How to get there
Temple Retreat

Our venue Temple Retreat is only 30 minutes from the centre of Brisbane heading west past Indooroopilly and Kenmore.


The closest and most accessible airport is Brisbane airport.

Temple Retreat Address

580 Grandview Road, Pullenvale QLD Google maps link: 

PARKING: There are 2 sections to the retreat. Step 1 is to drop your luggage off and the step 2 is to park in the designated parking area.

Step 1: As you travel along Grandview Rd you will come to a stone wall with Temple Retreat written on it. Continue past this driveway to the next driveway with the low stone walls on each side of the driveway (580 Grandview Road), and park in the first bays on the left at the bottom of the hill, in front of the property. We will meet you here and this is where you will unpack your luggage and where we will hold the retreat.

Step 2: Please move your car to the designated parking area. Head back up the driveway and back the way you came to the first Driveway with Temple Retreat on the stone wall. Follow the driveway down and park in the designated parking. You can then walk back up the driveway, look for our small quote sign at the edge of the pathway. You will walk in front of the buildings. We will show you the path way when you arrive. There will then be nibbles on the back deck of the house. We begin at 5.45pm.

Come with Your Heart Open

We are here to honour and celebrate your highest potential, your boldest self,
your courageous and beautiful heart.


Important Information:

Check In

...doors open at 5pm on Friday 10 November. We suggest if you like a gentle entry into the retreat that you arrive at 5pm and allow enough time for travel. Light refreshments will be available on the back deck from 5pm and activities start at 5.45pm

Check Out

...2.00pm'ish Sunday 12 November

Questionnaire - Click here

...please click here to answer a brief questionnaire so we can best prepare for the retreat

What to bring - Your packing list - Click Here

...Click above for the list of What to Bring. Be sure to check this prior to departure.

Mobile Phones

...Mobile devices are only able to be used in your own room, as we know the more you can step into Retreat Mode the more you can benefit.

No Smoking

...The retreat is non smoking (including vaping or similar ) and alcohol free. We want you to be fully present throughout the workshops and rituals, with an open heart and mind. Feel free to call us to discuss


...The retreat is not a medical facility. If you have questions around your individual medical needs, please contact our team directly connect@reclaimher.com. An ambulance will be called in the case of more serious medical needs.

Terms and Conditions - Click Here

...you can read our updated Terms and Conditions


...The best contact details during the retreat are Sophie on 0422 372 891 or Kareena 0404 700 551. The retreat number in case of emergency is: 0412 231 070. You are welcome to share these details with the people who may need to contact you. Please only use the retreat number in case of emergency. We suggest you save Sophie's number into your phone in case you need assistance during the night.

Your Facilitators

Founder, Intuitive Coach, Retreat Facilitator


Co-Founder, Wellbeing Coach, Event Creator 


A truly Life Changing Experience ~ What you'll receive...


We create a gentle space where you can feel safe to be vulnerable, where you’ll be free to listen, hear, feel, and connect with your intuition and your heart – unveil your true self. To create lasting change, we must consciously choose what we want to leave in the past, what we carry forward and what we are choosing to create next. We provide potent processes to identify and release limiting beliefs, habitual patterns and ideas about yourself that have held you back.


The beautiful, soul-enriching power of ceremony & ritual will ignite your intentions and draw in the power of the unseen energy that supports us. Rich opening and closing ceremonies will book-end a program of workshops and activities designed to uplift you and help you embrace what it takes to create true and lasting transformation toward a heart-inspired life.


There is something incredibly primitive and humbling about being surrounded by nature. Set on 10 rural acres in Pullenvale, Temple Retreat boasts natural luxury and beautiful vistas. Enjoy 2 nights of twin-share (single bed) accommodation in the Main Retreat House with daily sessions of connection and reflection.


It’s one of our most powerful needs and yet often, the sense of community and connection is deeply lacking in today’s world. Magic happens when women gather with a potent intention. Whether you come on your own or with a friend, this is a welcoming space filled with warm-hearted women to share the journey with and become new friends. Through soulful sharing of wisdom, personal journey and deep connection, we guide you to reconnect more powerfully with your beautiful self.


Fully catered, deliciously nourishing food, made with quality local produce and bursting with colour, flavour, and taste bud bliss. We happily cater for all allergies and medical dietary requirements.Please ensure we know your requests well ahead of time.


Prioritise yourself and immerse in YOU, opening up to everything you love, the wisdom of your soul and giving you the space to just be YOU without all your daily demands. Among the incredible magic of beautiful nature that is Temple Retreat, there’ll be free time to reflect, relax under the majestic tree, bask in soul time,  journal or just lay back and soak up the beautiful landscape.

Got some questions?

Please contact us HERE.

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