End of Year Women's Circle & Ceremony

Take time out to Reconnect with Yourself and Honour your Journey

A beautiful space to sit in circle with other women.
Take time to reflect on the year as it comes to completion.
Let go of what you want to leave behind &
bring focus to what you want to invite in next.

All times are Brisbane Australia AEST

Why Honour & Celebrate?

A beautiful enriching women’s circle and ceremony is a gorgeous way to bring the sacred into your everyday life and honour important times.

The end of a year, especially one as impactive as 2022, is a potent opportunity to pause and claim time for:

πŸ’› Reflection

πŸ’› Forgiveness

πŸ’› Honouring the wonderful times

πŸ’› Releasing and Letting Go what no longer serves


We become the powerful creators
in our own lives by acknowledging
what we want,
what we don’t want,
what we are letting go of and
what we are choosing next

Come Join Us

Brisbane Live Event
Soul Space – Newmarket

Friday 2nd December
6.30pm – 9pm
Β light refreshments included

Zoom Event
Link will be sent once you enrol
Saturday 3rd December
10am-12.30pm AEST

Here’s what to expect:

πŸ’› A beautiful, heart enriching, soulful women’s circle

πŸ’› Space (and journal prompts) for reflection on 2022

πŸ’› A beautiful celebration to let go and claim what’s next

πŸ’› Heart opening ceremony to bring in the pleasure of ritual and connection