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A 6 month journey for female entrepreneurs

Harness the power of your innate intuition and feminine leadership principles

Why Dive in?

Intuitive Business Coaching

Intimate 1:1 Coaching Program for female entrepreneurs
A 6 month journey to access your intuitive gifts and feminine business principles to create and build your heart-aligned business (and life)

Activate your business’ potential: One of the greatest challenges for female entrepreneurs is to move from a masculine driven mindset to a new way of doing business that is aligned in integrity with your values, intuitive prompts and the powerful qualities of feminine leadership…the 6 month program is created to support this transition and activate the highest potential for your business. 

Clarity of vision: Formulate a clear soul-inspired vision that aligns with your inner truth and powerfully pulls you forward…Your business is your vehicle to create the heart-aligned impact you long to make.

Alignment: Our intention is “true and lasting positive, heart-aligned transformation for your business” which occurs when head, heart and soul align in a powerful vision followed by your inspired action

Momentum: Move beyond what’s kept you stuck with powerful processes…this often has a positive impact on your life outside your business as well

Clear Business Goals: Feminine business balances the power of soul-aligned visioning with receiving and taking inspired action…It’s creating: a clear vision; inspired, actionable goals and intentions; and opening to receive the intuitive prompts and resources to fulfil your desired outcomes. This is not a passive process but it is a fulfilling one.

Email Support: This program offers unlimited email/Signal access to Kareena for the duration of the program

Intuitive Business Coaching


Intuition | Feminine Leadership | Soul led Business Strategies

3-hour Ignite Session
We begin our group journey with this Ignite Business Visioning Session. This powerful session is designed for you to explore and discover the key areas of focus to energise with clear outcomes and intentions, in order to propel your business forward. 

10 x 90min 1:1 Sessions
Ten fortnightly Zoom sessions for us to celebrate your achievements, navigate your challenges & support your business to rise into new possibilities and expand into its next level of potential.

Honour the Journey Completion Session 60min Online
Reflection and celebration is a powerful part of activating your business success. This workshop is designed for you to review your achievements, get clarity on what you want to carry forward and release what no longer serves you. You will step forward feeling clear and with a strong foundation.

BONUS: 3 x 60 min sessions
Along the journey you can make use of these 3 sessions on any combination of the following:
1. Personal Alignment Session: to work through and gain clarity on challenges in your personal life
2. Team Alignment Session: Bring in your team to discuss and/or explore an area of your business eg sharing the vision, the power of femme leadership etc
3. Awakening your Intuition: Can be 1:1 or with your team to learn to access your intuition


BONUS: Clearing the Blocks
1 x 60 minute  ‘Clearing the Blocks’ session focused on guiding you to acknowledge and release the beliefs and decisions that hold you and your business back from its next level of receiving. Recording included. You can use this 1: or  with your team.

Ongoing support
Get personal support via email for the 6 month program to navigate your own personal set of circumstances. We work together to ensure you remain “unstuck” and moving forward aligned with your heart toward your end result.


Beautiful Woman,

I want you to know that you are the MOST important and worthy thing in your own life.

Self doubt, questioning our worth, people pleasing, living in confusion and overwhelm, prevent us from taking clear action on a life and business that feels fulfilling and meaningful.

It impacts our capacity to receive greater abundance, productive teams, loving relationships, radiant health, relaxed pleasure and of course sharing our deeper purpose, impact and meaningful contribution with the world.

Through this program you can move beyond the inner voice and patterns that create doubt, you can create space in your busy schedule to prioritise what’s most important to your business and you can allow yourself to enjoy greater abundance, creativity and confidence as you make life and business choices that serve your deeper calling.

I know your deepest fear is that you’re not doing enough to ensure your lasting success.

Every woman in our generation has the potential to pioneer a NEW WAY OF BEING in business.

Your were meant to create a RIPPLE…now’s the time to do it.


“It was so amazing to have someone connect with my soul like you instantly did. You spoke to my heart, honouring who I am with such kindness and compassion, gently reassuring me of who I truly am, and how to live in that space. Thank you so much.”

- Marguerite

Month 1: 
Theme ~ Ignite Clarity, Vision and Connection

  • Clarify and map your business goals and next inspired action steps
  • Map resistances and patterns that may get in the way
  • 1 x Ignite Business Visioning Session (3 hours)
  • 1 x 90 minute session

Month 2-5: 
Theme ~ Receiving, Becoming, Inspired Action

Some topics we may explore:

  • Exploring who you need to become to meet your soul aligned business goals
  • Owning and releasing what no longer serves you to create and build your heart-aligned business
  • Expanding your worth, abundance and your capacity to receive
  • Releasing blocks to abundance and claiming visibility
  • The permission and power to say YES
  • Reclaiming Freedom to be You
  • Self responsibility and how to amplify its power in your life
  • 8 x 90 minute sessions
  • 3 x Bonus Sessions

Month 6: 
Theme ~ Gratitude, reflection, ready for more

  • Reflecting on the journey to date (business and personal)
  • Exploring what’s next for your soul inspired business…expanding the vision
  • Celebrating your successes
  • Final inspired action steps
  • 1 x 90 minute session
  • 1 x 60 minute Completion Session

The Benefit of Ongoing Coaching

I know what it’s like – buildling a business, juggling family, managing so many expectations and pressure both internal and external. There is a lot of mixed information about feminine leadership and who you have to be to succeed. The ultimate answer is YOU. Ideally armed with some successful strategies and intuitive support to help you navigate the things that trip you up and the challenges that come your way.

Everything can feel so overwhelming running your own business and managing “life” and all its unique challenges as well. That’s where the power of intuition comes in. It cuts through the noise so you have personalised, powerful, soul aligned guidance, insight and support to grow your business. This is where the benefits of an ongoing coaching program really comes into play.

Transformation is a journey ~ whether for yourself or your business. This 6 month journey together allows you to continue from week to week, staying on track with no judgement, only wholehearted, intuitive support to champion your business. I’ll champion you throughout the process, helping you believe in yourself and understand the fullness of your ability, so you can reach for your soul aligned business goals. 

You’re no doubt a smart and wildly capable women! You must be to create a soul led business. Sometimes the most important step is knowing you are not alone. That there is someone who will listen and help you navigate your challenges with integrity and alignment with your truth! This is so often what’s missing from the masculine business paradigm. There’s someone who is beside you. So even though this may feel hard, there’s someone holding you saying, “Okay, I hear you and see you. Let’s feel into what’s true. And how about we try this?”

The benefit of showing up together...

Magic happens when we connect…especially when we, as women,  show up in sacred space (yes even online) with a common intention for personal and business growth, moving beyond your challenges and stepping into a heart-aligned vision for your business and life.

It’s about creating the space every 2 weeks for you to listen, open to possibility and receive…it’s far more about your heart’s expression and reuniting with your soul’s deepest yearning for your business, than about your mind.

Each fortnight we affirm our intention and hold space for you to share where you are at in your business journey. You are supported through the tricky parts and championed in your triumphs. This is sacred women’s space, and powerful business coaching, strategies and processes all rolled into one. 

Navigate your unique situation & sacred longings intuitively

My coaching approach is to teach you to access your own intuitive wisdom, so you find the right answers for you and your business. I strongly believe there is no one right way to approach life or business. This approach is not only about solving your businesses challenges and creating growth – it teaches you a priceless skill.

If you’re concerned that you’re not an intuitive person, don’t worry, everyone has access to the same wisdom. You just need to learn how to tune in and I will support you with this process during our journey together.

The amazing part is you can use this skill for absolutely anything — from problems in the workplace, challenges your kids are having, to decisions about your creative expression, or where you want to go for holidays. Say goodbye to feeling like you always make decisions on a whim that may lead to regret or trusting the wrong people in life. Your intuition has your back, and so do I! 

Why do so many of us female entrepreneurs feel unfulfilled?

Likely, it’s because we feel the pressure to do Business (and life) in a way that feels out of alignment with our true values, goals and vision. 

We take on roles and responsibilities that end up forcing us to put ourselves last, every time.

Perhaps you are like so many female entrepreneurs who feel like they never have a moment to pause and realign with what feels true and right for them. They know they have intuition. They know they are called to create this beautiful business and create an impact BUT ito comes at a huge personal cost There is another way…the feminine business model. A model where your needs are acknowledged, we listen to our inner prompts…and we achieve real outcomes that are soul aligned for our business.

There is nothing more powerful than creating regular time to reflect, listen, receive intuitive guidance and move forward in your business with greater grace and less competitive drive to conform to external pressures.

Noun: An act of giving up something valued for the sakeof something else regarded as more important or worthy.

"I want to be in the arena.
I want to be brave with my life...
We can choose courage or we can choose comfort, but we can’t have both. Not at the same time."
Brené Brown


Intuitive business and women’s coach supporting women to build beautiful heart-aligned businesses and lives, facilitator of our beautiful and inspiring women’s events around Brisbane/Gold Coast, author and mother to four beautiful teenagers/young adults.

I have coached women for 20 years in the areas of business, female entrepreneurship, transformation, emotional wellbeing, intuition and connecting with their heart’s calling. With qualifications and training as diverse as a Bachelor of International Business,  Kinesiology, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki Master, Birth into Being, Intuition & Conscious Creating ~ my superpower is the ability to really see where you are at, sit with you in your depths of challenge (business and personal), see the possibilities and greatness that exist in you and gently guide/usher you and your business forward.

More about Kareena...

I run 2 businesses using the intuitive feminine principles I coach. It has allowed me and my business partners, to navigate successfully through Covid (when so many businesses were negatively impacted ours continued to thrive). We use intuition to find our way through challenges with a team of staff ensuring they are supported, championed and placed in the business so their strengths are optimally used for win-win outcomes. We plan every event, make every major decision and shape our business intuitively…and both Sophie and I are consistently committed to running Reclaim Her using the principles of feminine empowerment, and femme leadership and business strategy.

With 4 children and my coaching practice, I know first-hand how messy life can be, and that you too can create and build your soul aligned legacy through your business…alongside the rest of your life!! I’ve been doing it for over 30 years. 

I have the wisdom, deep compassion and empathy to shepherd any woman through her personal and business challenges and support her to manifest her heart-aligned goals.

Kareena is truly life-changing!

As a career-driven “tomboy” woman in Silicon Valley (I’d probably be described as “divine masculine”!), initially I wasn’t sure a women’s “heart-aligned” coaching would be for me.

I wanted to be more “heart-aligned”, and less “armoured-up” and closed off against people and against the world. I was starting to realize that even though I had thought I was keeping myself “safe”, in reality it was costing me an awful lot in my life. I was ready to put this behind me and start opening up to people – but I was scared.

I was initially apprehensive, but I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to JUST DO IT!

I decided on a whim to do one of Kareena’s free 30-minute consultation sessions – I figured I had nothing to lose! – and that first session alone changed my LIFE. Her insights into me and my situation – even though we had just met! – are ones I still think about almost a year later. I want to keep going! Kareena is truly life-changing!

– Veena, Silicon Valley, CA


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Frequently Asked Questions

This isn’t like any other coaching program as you receive the support of Kareena’s intuitive wisdom so the sessions you receive are individually created just for you and your business AND the exciting part is that our coaching program creates lasting change. It is working with your own intuition. Kareena coaches you in connecting with your own inner wisdom so the answers you see and feel are true, unique and you feel naturally more driven to create the transformation for your business. You have seen it, felt it and know its truth. This is a powerful motivator. Not to mention intuition is a powerful tool for manifesting so it activates your natural creative ability.

If you are truly committed to deep and profound transformation in your life so your business can thrive and  can feel happier, more connected to your own truth and genuinely create a business and legacy that is meaningful to you, it will take commitment and focus. If it were easy, you would have done it by now. We understand you may not be in the place in your life to commit to this powerful change and so you are welcome to book one off Awakening sessions to fit around your current commitments. This will help you untangle your current reality and begin to build greater awareness and change in your life without the fortnightly commitment.

Every woman (and person) has the innate capacity to connect to their intuition. It may take time to learn how it speaks to you and to build the “muscle”. This is normal. As is feeling nervous. Building your intuition is a by-product of this program not the key focus. We do it gently, building your confidence bit by bit.

Each and every session is created intuitively just for you. Firstly we chat about you, what is happening in your business, what challenges you are facing, and what your goals are. A session will generally include an intuitive read for you and Kareena will share her wisdom and guidance she sees. It will also likely include an activity that will vary each session with the intention to be to help you deepen your understanding of your business, and define inspired action steps based on the intuitive guidance you and Kareena receive through the session. Additional personal 1:1 sessions can be booked separately to this program.

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