Hi, we’re Sophie & Kareena


We exist to help women like you feel seen, heard and to know that you matter.

We know

what it’s like to feel invisible and of little value.

We know the heartache. The emptiness. The doubt. How small you feel. We know that it can feel like there is no one to turn to for help through this. That’s why we created Reclaim Her.

We are here to help you start to see yourself again (your truest, most powerful self), discover who you really are, find your voice and believe in yourself again.

What it means to ‘Reclaim Her’


To recover and take back something that was yours and restore yourself to a previous natural state.


A woman’s powerful feminine nature and wholeness, embracing intuition, flow, receiving and opening to life.
Reclaim Her was inspired by our own reclaiming journey.  We found ourselves lost and far from who we knew ourselves to truly be and eventually found our way back to feeling whole and connected, using principles of feminine power in our own lives. We believe all women are whole and naturally incredible, but in the journey of life we lose, abandon, sacrifice parts of ourselves and that often comes at a cost. Reclaim Her rests in the knowing that as women we can return to wholeness by reclaiming those lost parts of ourselves and in so doing we return to our most powerful selves, feel richer and more fulfilled and make choices to bring our life into alignment with what we deeply love and long for.

We believe

every woman has the power to inspire those around her. That includes you!

We are here for the heart centred women creating heart centred lives

Imagine the impact of being raised by a mother who lived in alignment with her greatest self. A mother who loved herself and others deeply, believed it was ok to make time for creativity and play, allowed you to believe in hope and possibility and dropped her armour so she could model vulnerability and courage.

We can be the change-markers for the next generation. We know it’s never too late to be a powerful role model to our children. When we feel alive, expressed and happy this ripples out to everyone we touch. We’ll help get you filled up and resourced enough to throw that first stone and start your own ripples.

Our Reclaiming Journeys


Intuitive soul coach supporting women to unravel and reclaim their lost selves, facilitator of our beautiful and inspiring women’s events around Brisbane/Gold Coast, author and mother to four beautiful teenagers.

I have coached women for 20 years in the areas of transformation, emotional wellbeing, intuition and connecting with their heart’s calling. With qualifications and training as diverse as Kinesiology, Bachelor of International Business, NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki Master, Birth into Being, Intuition & Conscious Creating ~ my superpower is the ability to really see where you are at, sit with you in your depths of challenge, see the possibilities and greatness that exist in you and gently hold your hand and guide/usher you forward.

I know first-hand how messy life can be, and that you too can move through it. I have lived through the complexity of raising 4 teenagers close in age and experiencing my own personal rock-bottom and reclaiming journey in 2010 after a business collapse, financial crisis and betrayal, and near divorce. Now, more than a decade on, I have the wisdom, deep compassion and empathy to shepherd any woman through their darkest times and into their light.

Fun Facts about Kareena

I love skinny dipping and nudie runs in nature.

I love the feeling of liberation it evokes and I find it joyful – like it’s a release of any constraints. I do feel nervous skinny dipping alone in waterholes because I imagine eels and that freaks me out!!

I love reading romance novels.

It feels like a guilty pleasure. Sometimes I struggle with the unrealistic nature of relationships it can portray but still I do it…What can I say I love love!!

We (my family) have 2 dogs Cookie and Duke and a pet snake called Skull.

My kids pay out on me because the snake terrifies me but still I sometimes bravely hold him and even feed him. I consider it an act of courage. Mollie, my daughter, clearly is not afraid of Skull.


The creative mastermind behind our immersive, beauty-filled women’s events, a health, wellness & fitness expert, wife and passionate world traveller.

I have lived and breathed the Health and Wellbeing industry for 25+ years of my life. I’ve worked in health and fitness coaching and management roles including at the prestigious and internationally renowned health retreats Gwinganna and The Golden Door and represented Australia internationally in Natural Body Sculpting in 2000. I am also an avid traveller and have explored 65 countries, lived on 3 different continents including Australia, Europe, India/Indonesia. I have personally gone through the reclaiming journey in the aftermath of a serious car accident that took me into my most difficult phase of life.

One of my greatest joys is working closely with women and creating beautiful events and experiences where every woman feels seen and valued. My deep desire to see and acknowledge each woman’s uniqueness has been shaped in part by the many different lives I’ve seen led across the globe and my own journey of feeling invisible and less than who I knew myself to be during the 8 years I lived as an expat. During this time the focus was on my husband’s career dreams and I found I lost and gave parts of myself away during the process.

Fun Facts about Sophie

I’m a huge dog lover.

Pete and I love our morning walks along the beach, getting our daily doggy fix saying hello to the mish mash of different ones out playing. The way they jump about so joyously and unapologetically always makes me smile. One of my favourites is a rather rotund elderly bulldog called Clementine!

I love photography – particularly people photography when I’m traveling.

I love being able to capture moments in their lives and then sharing them with others – little windows into lives lived differently

I spent 14 months traveling from South Africa to London overland in our 4 wheel Drive ’86 Landrover.

My (now) husband Pete and I slept in our rooftop tent and lived out of the back of the car. It was an incredible experience of wildly different, kind, generous people and incredible life learnings.

Discover Our Offerings

1:1 Coaching

I would like personal support on my reclaiming journey.

We are here to help you unravel and make sense of the “spaghetti” of your deeply challenging, multi-faceted life. Without overwhelming you, we’ll pull the strands out one by one, going to the places you may be scared to look at and helping you move beyond obligation overwhelm.


I would like to immerse myself in a soulful experience.

We hold in-person day-retreats that allow you to get swept up in beauty and abundance, while reorienting your life towards a new, self-devoted direction. Join a community of women on the same path as you, who can make you feel seen, supported and less alone in your journey.

Online courses

I would like to reclaim my personal power from home.

We offer an accessible way to start taking action towards rediscovering your true self and stepping into your wisdom with confidence. We have spent years developing a suite of powerful tools that we know can support you on your journey to reclaiming the lost parts of yourself, all from the comfort of your home.
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