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Soulful Sunday | Exclusive Day Retreat for your Soul

Sun, 17 Sept 2023 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

A SPA DAY for the SOUL.

A beautiful, rich, blissful day to bask in some Soul time, with soulful connection, meditation, mindfulness, sound bowl, healing, oracle cards, pendulums, nature & intuitive play. 

Take a day for yourself to connect, discover and soak up experiences that open your heart and make your soul sing. This event will nourish you!

A delicious, nourishing lunch is included ~ all set in a gorgeous natural setting.

More information coming soon…

“Wow such an insightful, nurturing few hours we had!

Attending by myself was a real push out of my comfort zone but as soon as I walked into this amazing calm space and greeted by Sophie and Kareena I felt completely welcomed, relaxed and excited about the morning. These two women are just beautiful souls and offer such a loving space to learn, share and ‘Reclaim’ yourself. Sophie & Kareena bring joy to the space with their uplifting evergy.”

- Sherry

Rise Retreat

Fri 10 November 6pm – Sun 12 November 2.00pm

A beautiful, luxurious retreat weekend which weaves together soulful awakening, connection, nature, rest & restoration & a reclaiming of who you truly are.

RISE Retreat offers you the space to listen to the whispers of your heart, heed the call for a soul aligned life and take the journey…Now.

There comes a time when a woman is called to RISE.

It’s the call to RISE beyond our obligations and follow our heart’s yearnings instead. It’s the call to explore our longings, intuition and the pulse of life that beckons to us.
Rise Retreat answers that call

“I left feeling light, inspired and confident being me.

The intentionality & deliberation of their Heart centered sacred space was instantly felt & seen. Their attention to detail truly supported the practices & medicine and they were excellent at ensuring each woman felt safe.It felt like home and for the first time in months I experienced true relaxation & reconnected back to my life vision!”

- Jordan


Powerful Visioning for a Heart-Aligned Business (Online)

For soul-led entrepreneurs – next event January 2024

For female entrepreneurs looking to create an aligned, heart-fuelled, soul-inspiring vision for the future.

Our impactive workshop series is specially designed to support you to realign with your heart-inspired business vision; clear blocks to visibility, greater financial flow and receiving; gain clarity on your future direction, and clear the pathway to your business success.

Through the power of guided meditation and specifically designed visioning exercises, you’ll tap into your intuition, harness your innate feminine power, and understand your next steps to manifest your desired business outcomes.

This isn’t your usual goal setting workshop.

Rather this is about accessing your feminine power and intuitive heart wisdom so you can accelerate your business by going for a higher truth, rather than what your limited mind thinks it needs to do.

“Sophie & Kareena created a wonderful circle of trust that welcomes you to be seen & heard.

I attended a workshop event with my Aunty & we loved what Kareena & Sophie created – a beautiful & authentic women’s circle, and a safe space to learn & grow. We are keen to attend other events & would highly recommend a Reclaim Her event to women who want to explore / go deeper into finding their soul’s purpose.“

- Deb

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About Our Women’s Events — Brisbane and Online

At the heart of all our rich and beautiful women’s empowerment events Brisbane and online is the desire to inspire and support women to shine their brightest light. They are a space of community, a place to be seen and valued, for deeper connection with self and others. They are designed to remind each of us how deserving of love and beauty we are. Immerse yourself in them, be a part of the learnings and know that you are loved.

“Sharing a meal with newly connected women was magical.

The ceremony and beauty of the whole day enhanced the feeling of worth and love expressed by Kareena and Sophie.“

- Rachelle

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