Beautiful Events and Experiences for the Heart and Soul

Our Reclaim Her Women’s Events are warm hearted and soulful

Potent in Intention & Offering

Beautiful & Rich

A space for Deep Connection

& created with love

They are designed to remind each of us how deserving of love and beauty we are.

Immerse yourself in them, be a part of the learnings and know that you are loved.

A Day Spa for the Heart & Soul

At the heart of all our offerings is the desire to inspire and support women to shine their brightest light.

Our events & experiences are rich, potent and empowering.

They are a space of community, a place to be seen and valued, for deeper connection with self and others

Workshop for women Brisbane

The venues and locations for live events are individually chosen for the sense of expansiveness and joy they bring.

They often draw on the beautiful and uplifting energy of nature

Women event Brisbane

Our food is locally sourced where possible, rich in nourishing life vitality and prepared with heart.

Different food choices are embraced in our table offerings.

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