Dare to Live from Your Heart

When a woman’s life force shines, she is light hearted, joyful, naturally generous, empowered, playful and nurturing. She cares for her wellbeing and is in flow with her divine path. She is awakened to her intuition and bravely uses it. She naturally lives her higher truth and supports those around her to do the same.

From fear to freedom.. This image is of a joyful woman in a field of orange flowers. It represents a woman who is filled with life & operating in freedom. We want the women reading our Reclaim Her blog post to see themselves in it.

From fear to freedom

Are you ready to move from fear to freedom?  When we are called to grow and expand in our lives or feel moved to become more of ourselves…it can be deeply uncomfortable. Our old “stuff” comes up telling us stories that tempt us to stall or stop our progress. All those old beliefs you forgot …

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