Dare to Live from Your Heart

When a woman’s life force shines, she is light hearted, joyful, naturally generous, empowered, playful and nurturing. She cares for her wellbeing and is in flow with her divine path. She is awakened to her intuition and bravely uses it. She naturally lives her higher truth and supports those around her to do the same.

Carren Smith (Lifetime Access)

If you are ready to move beyond your challenges and shine more radiantly and powerfully, using life to grow you and fuel you forward…well there is no greater example of a woman doing just that than our guest today. Carren Smith is a survivor of the 2002 Bali bombings but that is neither the start …

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Tama Kieves (Lifetime Access)

If you are looking for inspiration to say yes to your inner impulse and the call to a more fulfilling life, then Tama Kieves will light up your resolve to create change. She is pure inspiration with the wisdom and life experience to back it up. Tama is a former Harvard Lawyer who has now …

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Remi Pearson (Lifetime Access)

If you are looking for real strategies to create change now, Remi Pearson brings this with abundance and so much passion, joy and enthusiasm. Deciding at age 37 that she had learnt the answers to how to create a life she didn’t love, she decided to ask a better question. Remi shares her journey to …

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Lisa Cox (Lifetime Access)

Sometimes the greatest inspiration comes from hearing how other people have overcome and moved beyond unimaginable life events. This is one such story. Lisa Cox suffered a brain haemorrhage at just 24 years old and today shares her story of recovery through to using her experiences to help women reshape their ideas of body image, …

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Elaina Ray (Lifetime Access)

Looking for the inspiration to live life by design, and the courage to follow your inner prompts and take bold action? Then you will find it here. Our guest today, Elaina Ray worked with fortune 500 companies like IBM and Uber, but when burnout hit her she embarked on a deeply transformational spiritual journey traveling …

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Kim Morrison (Lifetime Access)

If you’ve been wondering how to do life differently ie. caring for yourself while still going after big, beautiful goals then you will find deep inspiration in Kim’s chat with us. Kim Morrison broke the world record as the youngest woman to run 100 miles in less than 24 hours so I’m sure you can …

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Sarah Louise (Lifetime Access)

From chaos and addiction to feeling calm and centred, living aligned with her true path, Sarah Louise has had some incredible life challenges – her story is a potent one, but in her own words, she doesn’t live there anymore. As an Intuitive Soul Coach and Cosmic Alchemist Sarah draws on her clear connection to …

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Karen Chaston (Lifetime Access)

Did you know there are over 40 different types of loss that can all ignite feelings of grief and sadness? It is not only loss of a loved one that can impact our lives. Beyond Loss Expert Karen Chaston shares openly from her personal journey explaining how when loss devastated her life it became the …

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Jetty Nieuwenhuis (Lifetime Access)

She’s here to get us to put on our pumps, step out of the crowd, and unapologetically chase those big goals. Jetty Nieuwenhuis is a speaker, model, wellness coach and advocate who has has struggled in her life with silent illnesses like bulimia, anxiety and Lymes disease, while also living with the sometimes critical scrutiny …

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