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Hi, I’m Kareena Glanville

I know what it feels like to lose yourself.

In the process of raising four kids and nearly losing our house, business and relationship at our rock-bottom, my longings and passions were swiftly swapped for obligation and survival. 

When I learned the life-changing power of intuition and reconnected with my feminine power, my life changed. Now, I’m passionate about helping ignite women to reclaim their light. Want to talk about it?

Impactful Women's Conversation Topics:

Steps to creating a beautiful life
Women have longings, skills, gifts and passions that most of us deny, numb out or play down. Instead most women build lives on obligation and serving others. They wake up one day and realise their life is not what they hoped for. This is a pivotal moment for every woman. From here begins the journey to connecting in with the innate knowing we each have and exploring 6 key areas we can focus on to bring greater fulfilment and meaning to her life. 

Doing motherhood your way
A powerful message that there is no one right way to parent, relieves mother guilt and the perpetual feeling mothers have that they aren’t doing it right. There is no right, just your way and learning to trust that it will be right for your kids. As a mother of four, my deep belief is when a mother is aligned with her truth, and living a heart centred life, she raises heart centred children and shapes the next generation. Divine motherhood is the power of finding your own way with motherhood.

Navigating the challenges of life with awareness, compassion and fierce self devotion
Life is messy. I learnt this the hard way when I lost nearly everything important to me, houses, businesses and very nearly my relationship. There is a teaching out there that life should be perfect and we all feel endlessly disappointed because ours still feels challenging. The reality is life comes with some harsh blows and we have to know how to navigate these times with awareness (making clear, heart-aligned choices), compassion (being kind to ourselves and others on our journey) and fierce self devotion (trusting who we are and what matters most to us is our compass).

Kareena’s Bio

I want you to know that you are the MOST important and worthy thing in your own life. 

Kareena Glanville is an intuitive soul coach and co-founder of Reclaim Her with her sister Sophie, where they support women to unravel and reclaim their lost selves. 

She facilitates beautiful and inspiring women’s events around Brisbane, the Gold Coast and Australia, is an author and mother to four beautiful teenagers.

Kareena has coached women for 20 years in the areas of transformation, emotional wellbeing, intuition and connecting with their heart’s calling. Her superpower is the ability to really see where you are at, sit with you in your depths of despair, see the possibilities and greatness that exist in you and gently hold your hand and guide/usher you forward.

Find Kareena at:
Instagram: @reclaimher
Facebook: @reclaimher

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