A Powerful Lesson

There is something I have been learning over the past month that feels so valuable I can’t help but share it. I have been revisiting a powerful training I did in 2009 and now again a decade later. It’s powerful because the training is on creating your hearts truth and that is entirely what I stand for and know is possible for every one of us. There is not any doubt in me that this is what we are here for to learn our power as creators.

So the deep and powerful learning comes because revisiting this a decade later I realise I have spent much of my time creating my limiting beliefs and fears. I wanted to be creating my truth and told myself I was on that journey but the reality is (as my life is showing me) is that I have put more energy, focus and attention on creating my limitations rather than my powerful, amazing and beautiful truth.

Painful right! I have been sitting with this knowing and my ego is a tricky blighter doing its best to tell me it’s all been for a purpose, that when the timing is right it will happen and that may well be true. But I know in my heart I have betrayed myself on a deep level by not empowering my truth and instead giving into fear. I let go of my sovereignty, my knowledge of creative principles and basically tricked myself into believing that was somehow right and ok.

Have you had that feeling before? That ache of doubt or inkling of knowing you are living from fear instead of your heart but choose it anyway, letting a shroud of self denial wash the pain away?

I have realised these last few weeks that it isn’t ok and to create the life that is a true reflection of my heart takes enormous courage, vulnerability and commitment. It’s not going to fall into my lap (although that is a possibility) … I need to choose it….and choose it every single day. And in fact every single day is not even enough. It has to be every single moment…and then again when I fall off and go into dysfunctional patterns that have nothing to do with who I am, what I love and what I am choosing. It is a constant process of self awareness and choosing my highest truth.

Above all and through these painful learnings I have seen that I am a powerful creator and I am either creating my fears and limiting beliefs or I am creating my truth….and my truth is beautiful. It’s stunning. It’s of deep service to women, it lights up the most magnificent qualities of every woman and sets her free to live her truth. How can that not be worth saying yes to and finding my courage to create.

I bet you have a similar, amazing, heart opening longing and truth.

But oh boy it takes courage and commitment. I try to distract myself every day….every! single! Day! to avoid the vulnerability of change, of seeing my truth and most importantly living it….Like I mean doing the things that actually mean I am living my truth. Like writing this blog, like channelling a book, like vision boarding a magnificent trip I am so scared won’t happen and will disappoint my kids so I don’t ever plan for, let alone actually go on the trip…..etc etc.

This is what Reclaim Her is all about. No more settling and tricking yourself that this is all there is to you or to your life. You know this is a lie. I know that hurts. I live the same lie. We all do….until we don’t anymore! There is so much more to who you are and what you have to offer this world from a place of love and sharing your truth.

This is so liberating to just even start there. Yes there is more. Yes I choose it. Yes I acknowledge where I sell myself short and am willing to see the faulty beliefs and patterns that create it and Yes…..just YES! I reclaim all of who I am and what I feel called to do….YES.

There’s more coming to help you claim and reclaim these parts of yourself and how to start creating more. In the meantime open to both possibility and your current circumstances. Don’t get sucked in with doom and gloom rather with awe, amazement, self love and acknowledge the power in your choice that you are now taking responsibility for the whole of your life and say yes…..You are worth it.

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