A Woman’s Magic

Wow this is an exciting world to play in. The realm of a woman’s magic is about intuition, seeing beyond what’s right in front of us and playing with energy. You know what I mean…that knowing that you had about someone despite what all the physical signs or people may be saying, that gut feeling not to do something, that ability to feel into another person and what’s happening for them, that moment when you knew there was more to life and who you are than this physical existence. This is the magic I am talking about. Your magic is your “I AM”, the part that makes you unique. It is your intuition and it is your gifts, talents and longings. They are a massively important part of you that makes you magical, unique and in my opinion it is what truly matters. When we live our magic and our “I AM” we are of service to ourselves, our families and even the planet. It looks, feels and is different for each of us… and that’s the whole point!

The ability to use our magic is one of the most amazing gifts of being a woman. This opened up to me a few years ago and it was like my whole world changed. I had no idea of the power that was available to me each and every moment…and my life has dramatically changed as a result. Not so much what it looks like. I still have 4 kids, we still have a loud family and everyone has their own personalities, challenges and life stories that unfold. The difference is how I live my life. I know I am part of something greater than myself, and in particular guided by something greater than myself. I call this the Divine or Spirit. I know I have a powerful tool called intuition and I use it regularly although I still don’t even use it as much as I could. I know I am connected to nature and the rhythms of the Earth and that nature is a powerful tool of healing for me. Most importantly I know more and more deeply each day that I matter…my I AM matters, my magic matters and my heart’s longings, skills and gifts all matter!

As women we give up our magic…sometimes for motherhood, for our career, for our partner. There are few women in our generation and especially in past generations that have been able to keep their magic and be a connected, loving and conscious woman in this busy, off-balance world. Most of us in fact closed down our intuition and ability to consciously create when we were young. Yet this magic is what most of us want to teach the next generation. We want our loved ones to live their heart’s truth, to shine bright, to keep an open and loving heart, yet how do we teach them that if we have closed down to our own magic?

In our society being a woman is largely centred around the concept of service to others. It is about creating a good life for others by devoting our lives to them. We end up feeling lost, empty, alone (despite the people around us) and without any depth. We know there is more but like in a fog we just can’t find how to get it. Motherhood is a desperately lonely time for many women where we are engulfed by an emptiness that can feel impenetrable and our greatest pain comes from the deep love we have for our children and the guilt we have for our feelings of dissatisfaction. We do want to give our children a magnificent life…and we want to have one too but just can’t seem to find how to do that without compromising our children or ourselves.

Some of us may find this balance, but I found it out of my desperate need to find a salve for my pain. I ached day in and day out. I loved being a Mum, loved having kids, loved my kids and yet could not understand then why I wasn’t happy, in fact why I was hollow inside. The reason was I had sacrificed my magic for motherhood. I had given up on listening to myself, filling my own senses and bathing in life as a sensuous experience and honouring my own longings.

My heart was screaming at me to listen, and my misery was how it called. I had to hit the depths in order to choose to find a better way, in fact in order to claim myself as part of the sacred feminine and live my heart’s truth through Divine connection. This is true for so many women and you don’t need to be a mother to suffer this same sense of disconnection and separation from your very essence as a woman.

Now if you can relate to these feelings then no doubt you have forgotten or sacrificed your own magic and true essence along the journey of life. The good news is though your magic never goes away. It waits patiently until you declare you have had enough and are willing to claim a better way, a way that is in line with your heart’s truth.  It is never too late. In fact if you are reading this chances are your magic is already knocking at your door, calling to be revealed.

The next question you are no doubt asking is how do I reclaim her, that intuitive, connected, open-hearted woman. It starts right here. It starts with you deciding to open to it, to stand for yourself and for the magic of your genetic lineage. When you decide to shift, your family and community will also shift and this brings healing to your genetic lineage. You claiming your heart and your divinity will allow those around you to do the same, and so the ripple out is created. Wow what a difference to the world you can make just through your own personal journey.

So How?….well the how is none of my business! Harsh I know but one thing I know without a doubt is that your journey will be different to mine and everyone else’s on the planet and the how will reveal itself. I know opening to the possibility of living a divinely magical life is where it all starts and hold onto your hats because it can be a WILD ride. Mine has been and one I wouldn’t give up for anything. My life is more authentic, my relationships are more honest and real, I am working hard to create a life where I can live and work in my passion doing what I love everyday and I am still on this magical journey.

We can help support you and this blog will be filled with so many tips and strategies to guide your journey and so many more still to come.

Right now start with the miracle…start with the possibility that you are a miracle. The universe is so much more than what we see, you know that. So then isn’t it possible that with all the miracles and all the perfection that is the world around us that you too are a perfect part of that miracle. What if everything you are and everything you have experienced and everything you have done is a perfect part of your journey to get you to where you are right now? Through all the journeying I have done I know my greatest personal realisations have come from my most painful life experiences. They have happened to me for me to learn something powerful about myself and yours will be the same. You are perfect…start there…. the perfection is in the imperfection.  You are a miracle, it took a miracle to create you and just like every creature on the planet has an important role to play just by being itself, so too do you. You truly are a miracle, a perfect, magical part of this amazing universe and you matter….can you own it??

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