You Are Always Whole Even When You Forget It

Forgetting you are whole doesn’t change the fact that you are.

Sometimes I find it hard to drag myself out of a victim mood. I want to wallow there, feel sorry for myself, hope someone will come along and rescue me.

I don’t want to ask for my needs to be met. I don’t want to be a grown up about it. I want someone to see me and just do something nice without even having to say a word or do a thing.

Sometimes when I am like this it breeds resentment. I go deeper down the hole of “you should do this for me…” “why don’t you ever care about me…” “I have to do everything for myself…”

Sometimes this all feels so true. And even though I am in a big family I can feel all alone sometimes, like no-one cares, like it’s just me against the world. 

Most of the time it’s not true though, even though it feels true. Sometimes if I look up, reach out, let others know how I’m feeling, I am met with deep love and care. They were just in their own world and not aware of mine.

Sometimes I have to be my own best friend and let myself rest without needing others’ permission. Sometimes I need to get my arse up and move to shift the energy of my wallowing, to move into Self Empowerment once more – remember the truth that I am whole, accept myself as I am and be my own cheerleader. 

And sometimes, even when I know the stories and experiences of victimhood are not true, I still let myself hang in my victim moodiness a bit longer. Why? Because it’s comfortable and I feel like being there. That has to be ok too. 

Sometimes we dance, sometimes we wallow, sometimes we champion ourselves and sometimes we forget to. As long as we don’t stay stuck for long, all of that is ok.

We know the truth deep down. We are incredible, capable, amazing women who deserve to be in our empowerment…and sometimes not remembering that is ok too – either way, the truth never changes.

Love Kareena

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