Are you Asleep in your own Life?

It’s time to wake up! Are you asleep at the wheel of your own life? Have you forgotten your very nature is that of powerful creator? Do you remember those times when you were awake, when you felt the light of the universe coursing through you and knew you could say YES to your life?

Well it’s here again beloved.

The knock at the window of your soul to say “it’s time”.

Wake up. Your beautiful life is waiting.

You may feel despair. You may feel beaten and bruised by life. You may look around and all you can see is the messy, the complicated, the undefinable and the painful…and yet still you must know you are a powerful, divine woman and you can use your focus, your intention, your loving inspired actions to move through this…even the worst life has already thrown at you, you have walked through. 

So now this is the fun bit. Working out what you love. Bringing focus to your life who you want to become, what you will stand for and what you won’t!

The journey of waking up and saying yes can just start with “I wonder”

💕I wonder what I love

💕I wonder what I would love to create next

💕I wonder what will light me up 

💕I wonder what life will bring me to restore alignment and joy to my life

💕I wonder how I will transform this relationship

💕I wonder how my work will become more fulfilling

As we wonder we open to possibility. When we are open to possibility suddenly there is more movement in our lives as we begin to see possibility all around us where previously there seemed to be none. I wonder means we are looking. It tells the universe and our inner world that we are ready.

So fill your day with wonder today. Look up at the sky, arms outstretched and invite in new possibility.

Life rarely changes in an instant….but it most certainly changes when we open to new possibility and follow the beautiful road that reveals itself.

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