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Hear from 21 inspiring women about how to move from feeling lost, invisible & stuck to become who you’ve always wanted to be.

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21 Inspiring Women 21 Days of Life Changing Conversations
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Day 1

6th June 2022

Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert

Reconnect and build deep trust in your self and others.
Allana is a global media personality and go-to authority for those who are ready to live unapologetically and attract an open-hearted ideal relationship.

Day 2

7th June 2022

Deborah Kagan

Mojo Recovery Specialist

Build your inner fire & live your life with more mojo, meaning & purpose.
Deborah is a Speaker, Author, Mentor for those ready to conquer self-doubt & step into your full power & live a turned ON life. 

Day 3

8th June 2022

Ana Paula Munoz

Feminine Leadership Coach

The qualities of feminine leadership & the power of embodiment
Ana Paula is a coach for those ready to create a life they love without giving up their freedom, success, and delight for life!

Day 4

9th June 2022

Kelly Rae Roberts

Artist & Author

Seeing the possibility in life and how to take bold, inspired action to claim it.
Kelly-Rae is a self-taught artist & author who believes in the power of possibility. She embraces that when we let art out, we let love in

Day 5

10th June 2022

Peta Woolan

Love & Relationships Coach

Moving beyond breakup and how to trust who we are again
Peta is a  transformational relationship coach & break-up recovery specialist for those ready to heal their heart & transform their relationships

Day 6

11th June 2022

Helen Marshall

Primal Alternative Founder

The journey to aligned health ~ Reclaim your energy & vitality
Helen is a health coach, podcast host and entrepeneur passionate about inspiring women to reclaim their health and align passion and income

Day 7

12th June 2022

Tracy McFie

Entrepeneur & Supernova

Getting back up after betrayal and loss ~ the importance of forgiveness & community
Tracy is the Creator of Wyld Tribe. Grounded in humility, loving kindness & a genuine love for this world, she supports awakening women with her vast skill set

Day 8

13th June 2022

Zoë Watson

Wellness Entrepeneur

Embracing feminine flow in business & life
Founder of Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Bali, despite chronic illness, often working from bed, Zoë has followed the flow to create a blissful life & successful businesses around the globe.

Day 9

14th June 2022

Leonie Dawson

Author & Entrepenuer

Living unapologetically just as who you are
Leonie is  the internationally best-selling author of the Goal Getter workbooks & planners. She passionately champions women to claim freedom from societal constraints and live life your way.

Day 10

15th June 2022

Melinda Carbis-Reilly

Author & Naturopath

Navigating the tough bits ~ let yourself listen & feel
Melinda is a Naturopath, Author, Reiki Healer, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Coach. All her work is centred on one philosophy… to be the change she wants to see in the world.

Day 11

16th June 2022

Mellissa Seaman

Intuitive Business Mentor

Embracing your unique soul path for greater impact and joy in your business and community
Mellissa bridges the worlds of business strategy and intuitive intelligence for those wanting to create lucrative businesses that follow their souls’ calling.

Day 12

17th June 2022

Jetty Nieuwenhuis

Model & Wellness Coach

Move from perfection & self denial to embrace your truest self
Jetty uses her personal stories of stepping beyond invisible illness (bulimia, depression, Lymes) to help women wake up from a life on autopilot & unapologetically go for their desires.

Day 13

18th June 2022

Karen Chaston

Beyond Loss Expert

Finding your way through loss & listening to your inner guidance
Co-founder of The Chaston Centre & International Best Selling Author/Speaker, Karen guides women beyond loss, toward deeper meaning so you can reclaim all areas of your life.

Day 14

19th June 2022

Sarah Louise

Intuitive Soul Coach

Move beyond old patterns to reclaim stability, calm & trust
Sarah draws on what she calls the divine, a place where she channels profound levels of council, insight and healing, to support women to live their most aligned lives.

Day 15

20th June 2022

Annette Densham

Imposter Syndrome Expert

Build visibility & let the world see your passion by dropping self doubt & living unapologetically
Annette is a multi award winning PR & business awards specialist who champions women to drop self doubt and shine their purpose and message.

Day 16

21st June 2022

Kim Morrison

Self Love Expert

The Art of Self Love and  Power to Keep Stepping Forward
As a best-selling author, creative director of Twenty8, health & lifestyle educator, mum & wife, Kim shares her essential tools for self-care, discipline, leadership & most importantly the art of self love.

Day 17

22nd June 2022

Elaina Ray

Business Coach

Building Business and Living Life the Feminine Way
With a gift for supporting female entrepreneurs to start & scale businesses doing the work they love most, Elaina is a powerful example of creating success with flow & taking action. 

Day 18

23rd June 2022

Lisa Cox

Writer & Diversity Advocate

Your beautiful body is amazing because of what it can do!
After a stroke at just 24, Lisa is no stranger to getting back up after life knocks you down. She is a diversity advocate, author & business consultant with a powerful story of honouring self.

Day 19

24th June 2022

Remi Pearson

Speaker / Author

You can find peace and move beyond today’s struggles
Remi is a dynamic coach, award winning entrepreneur and best-selling author passionate about leading women out of struggle by offering them real life tools, techniques and strategies

Day 20

25th June 2022

Carren Smith

Speaker / Survivor

Walk through the Darkness into the Light
2002 Bali Bombing Survivor & speaker, Carren has faced adversity, loss & trauma. She encourages us to trust life, embrace our innate intelligence & if you find yourself in hell – don’t stop.

Day 21

26th June 2022

Tama Kieves

Author / Coach

Time to champion your wildest dreams
Tama is a wildly passionate advocate for going after your inspired life. She is a former Harvard Lawyer turned visionary coach who believes your most potent potential can be realised.

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