Carren Smith (Lifetime Access)

If you are ready to move beyond your challenges and shine more radiantly and powerfully, using life to grow you and fuel you forward…well there is no greater example of a woman doing just that than our guest today. Carren Smith is a survivor of the 2002 Bali bombings but that is neither the start nor the end of the magnitude of her story. There is so much insight Carren shares that can only be gleaned from potent life experience. She shares with such heart, courage and humour to help guide each of us toward greater understanding of life and how to make it have deeper meaning and fulfilment. Carren shares deeply including very practical insights, tips and strategies to lead you from your darkness to refind the light on the other side. We love her (we love her Dad and you will hear why) and we are grateful she is willing to love us back by sharing her life story and all she has learnt from it.

NB Trigger warning: Some of the content in the first few minutes includes details of her life experiences including the Bali Bombing and may be triggering for some listeners.

“Creating an intimate relationship with the ‘innate intelligence’ that breathes us, beats our heart, blinks our eyes and blooms a rose is like having the ‘meaning of life’ on speed dial. There is a power in every one of us that drives our lives leaving no stone unturned and every experience purposeful.” 

Carren Smith

Connect with Carren’s site here for a range of different free offerings, including her fabulous ‘Effortless Presence‘ that she spoke of in our interview

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