Come Beloved Woman

Come beloved woman
Your heart is heavy
You are exhausted
Life has taken its toll
And here you stand with no more left to give
Weariness has won

I am sorry beloved woman
For all you have endured
I am sorry for your sadness
I am sorry for your pain

Dear beloved woman
That ache in your heart I hold with tenderness
I will not try to pry it from your hands
But rather will stand beside you
Loving you
Holding you
Honouring this journey that has become hard to bear

Beloved woman
Rest now
There is nothing that cannot wait a few moments
while you sink into yourself
Give yourself some love
Even if a trickle is all you can manage right now

Pause beloved woman
To honour your journey
Look back and see the long road you have come
And all it has shown you
And all you have become along the way

You may be weary now beloved woman
But this of course is not all you are
Your journey is not over
It is merely time to rest
There is nowhere to be now
Except right here
To care for yourself and your weary heart

So let us rest together beloved woman
Let us value ourselves just enough to stop
To ask our tender heart what she needs
And listen to the answer

Together let us pause to consider the path ahead
Where would we like to travel?
Not too far into the future
Just the next few moments
May we choose together to step into love?
Just for ourselves?
And for the incredible woman you are who has journeyed so far

Even though she is tired, she is worthy of such admiration

Put down the battle
Relinquish the shields and unnecessary protection
And rest now

May your weary, tender, beautiful heart feel her worth once more

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