Elaina Ray (Lifetime Access)

Looking for the inspiration to live life by design, and the courage to follow your inner prompts and take bold action? Then you will find it here. Our guest today, Elaina Ray worked with fortune 500 companies like IBM and Uber, but when burnout hit her she embarked on a deeply transformational spiritual journey traveling to more than 60 countries, including places like Ethiopia, India, Nigeria, and Mongolia, she started her own coaching company and became a self-made millionaire by age 31. Elaina now lives a life she loves in Bali, runs an incredibly successful business that encourages women – business owners, coaches, healer, authors, thought leaders to challenge limiting beliefs, and bring their work into the world in a way that combines heart and passion with purpose, impact and huge financial reward. She shared the importance of journeying through “the void” of not knowing as well as many other practical tips and strategies for creating a fulfilling life.

“Those people are curious, have a bigger why beyond the money…they don’t make it mean anything about them when it goes well or when it doesn’t go well…they are there to enjoy the process which is a feminine quality”

Elaina Ray

Elaina’s free gift is “Sought After – the art of predictable client attraction” 🧡  A guide to learn the practical messaging adjustments and strategies that attract premium clients in your audience and that have grown Elaina’s business to $100K months. The link also has other free gifts to choose from!

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