Giving Space to our Feelings

I am so often guilty of pushing and pushing, doing and doing. It’s the way I’ve been trained to get things done, hold a million balls in the air and just keep going.

My body has decided not to keep going over the past couple of weeks. Nothing serious just a cold but I have given myself permission to rest. 

So here is what I learnt:

At the start there was no way I thought I had time or space to listen to my body or rest.

I thought if I did the world would fall apart.

It didn’t. At all.

“Women NEED SPACE to listen and hear our inner voice

so we can act from truth and intuition.”

Kareena Glanville

Noone even got upset with me. In fact my family encouraged me to rest and picked up the slack. They love me and wanted me to feel better. My mind did not acknowledge that possibility up front. It was only through taking the time out that this showed up. 

I also have created more of what’s important in this 2 weeks than when I am showing up everyday pushing and doing. How? My mind has rested so my intuition has opened. Programs have come through (and been written), ideas have clarified, problems I was mulling over have received their solutions and above all I have received great personal insights.

✨ ✨When we are busy and full it is hard for our guidance to come through or for the insights we need to transform, and the personal awarenesses to help us grow. 

Sadly it took me getting sick to remind me of the power of rest and listening to my body. I had sunk into busyness and getting things done.

Women NEED SPACE to listen and hear our inner voice so we can act from truth and intuition.

We need space to be in nature so our nervous systems can calm down.

We need space to feel who we are and what matters to us so we can make better choices.

We need space to remember we are love, so we can nourish ourselves and show up to our world open hearted. 

So is there anything truly more important than those things? Isn’t it a matter of realigning our values and creating space for what is truly important….every day, every week, every moment?

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