Hear the Whispers of your Inner Guidance

Inside each of us are two voices, two powers. One is the truth – loving, generous, wise counsel that encourages us towards our greatest self. The other voice is fear, the silent and sometimes violent oppressor that encourages us away from our greatest self toward perceived safety, comfort and suppression of any wants or desires.

Each day we must choose. Each day these voices exist and we must choose which to listen to and follow. The challenge is that the voice of fear is loud, gripping, convincing. It fills our thoughts and feelings with messages of fear, all the terrible possible outcomes and it fills our bodies with feelings of doubt, dread and anxiety. The voice of fear speaks in thoughts and feelings and this is where the confusion arises because it is so convincing. It has the power of thoughts AND feelings and every day it can manipulate these at varying degrees depending on how close to the edge of our comfort zone we are travelling.

The comfort zone….yep it’s called that because it defines the area our egoic and fearful self is willing to travel before it kicks up a huge spray of anxious feelings and treacherous thoughts of doom. It is not the zone of your capacity, what you love, what you long for nor what you are here to do. The comfort zone is your egoic comfort zone and most of us choose to live in it. No matter how small, diminishing and far from our true and grandest nature it is.

The other voice is our soulful, divine voice that speaks of our greatness. Sadly for all of us it is so much quieter, less demanding and speaks through intuition. We need to make space to hear this voice and we need to trust the moments when it has spoken loudly through joy, deep love, openhearted awe and wonder. These are the ways we hear the voice of our truth. It’s the times when our heart felt so wide it would burst, when we were moved to tears because something inside us felt a deep knowing and it’s the times in the quiet, perhaps just before sleep, when we wake or are in nature, when we hear clean guidance and loving encouragement. This voice, when spoken out loud, has the ring of truth. You know when you speak messages from your soul self rather than your ego.

Each day, if we want to Reclaim Her, and live aligned with our greatest self, we must choose to create space to hear our intuition and soul voice. Take a walk in nature, meditate, sit peacefully in the sun or under the moon, lie in bed a little longer, fill yourself with love and open to possibility….just create space.

Our lives as women are so busy. If we truly want to change our direction so we are living a greater version of ourselves, we need space to hear our inner guidance so we can take inspired action. Not just messy, reactive, egoic action. Inspired action comes from that quiet voice that nudges you to take a risk, speak up, let your voice be heard, express yourself a little more, be creative, love more deeply, drop the armour and be vulnerable, speak with kindness but openness about what’s troubling you, seek help and above all it will lovingly encourage you to step a little more each day into your truth. Be more of you….because you are wonder-full. xxx

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