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How to live a fulfilling life? Follow your unique blueprint

Were you born to live out someone else’s life or your own? Each of us are intentionally and uniquely created. We all have perfect individual blueprints and when we live from an authentic place, following what’s best for us, we create and live a fulfilling life.

So if you’re wondering how to live a fulfilling life? Follow your blueprint. 

I ask you again, gorgeous woman, were you born to live out someone else’s life or your own? Do you wish to live this one life as YOU and experience fulfillment? Or does it feel right to shut down your expression and lead by another person’s map? 

Anytime I have followed the path someone else laid out for me it led to suffering…mine and sometimes those around me.

The pull for women to please and follow a societal path is so strong.

“Be invisible, don’t shine too bright, don’t create a ripple, be respectable, be ok, belong…stick between the two invisible lines of “acceptable” and you will be safe and cared for.”

Well, it wasn’t safe.

I may have been comfortable for a long time. As in I wasn’t testing my edges by rubbing up against society’s standards and unspoken rules…but I wasn’t happy, fulfilled, expressed or alive.

What I know is safety is not just about physical safety. Emotional and mental safety complete the package. 

And most of us are physically safe, so it’s by 

~ Following your heart

~ Deeply listening to your inner truth

~ Letting yourself be seen for who you truly are

that will create emotional and mental safety. 

And I know this can feel like life or death, like you will be abandoned by your tribe, but there is an invitation to let that go and trust that your authenticity is perfect. This is how to create a fulfilling life.

Gorgeous woman, there are consequences if you don’t express and live by your heart:

~ self betrayal

~ self abandonment 

~ depression, anxiety, numbness, defeat

That’s not safety. That’s not living the expansiveness of your beautiful true life. Living someone else’s blueprint isn’t the life you deserve or came here to live.

So tune into your beautiful heart, connect with your precious Spirit and develop trust in your authenticity.

Your unique blueprint cannot be embodied or expressed by anyone else, just you! Live a fulfilling life! You deserve it!

Love Kareena 

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