Jetty Nieuwenhuis (Lifetime Access)

She’s here to get us to put on our pumps, step out of the crowd, and unapologetically chase those big goals. Jetty Nieuwenhuis is a speaker, model, wellness coach and advocate who has has struggled in her life with silent illnesses like bulimia, anxiety and Lymes disease, while also living with the sometimes critical scrutiny of a very public life. Yet now she has relinquished people pleasing and perfection, and encourages women to live a life that feels true whether others like it or not. She knows all too well that surface appearances are not indicative of what lies within and how vital it is for us to honour our inner world as much, if not more, as our outer world.

“You see everything from the outside and think everyone has it together. That’s just one thing you need to know is not true. In the beginning it looked like heart palpitations and anxiety attacks.”

Jetty Nieuwenhuis

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