Journey back to Self

My journey back to self started with discovering Reiki at 19, then doing natural therapies, kinesiology & a program I loved called Birth into Being. Then there was raising a family & facing some big life struggles. The reason I say all this is that every step was a deepening of awareness of who I already was. They removed layers with each one, opened doorways into myself & deepened the awareness of the true magnificence of what I was capable of.

The challenge though was (and still is) always the same.

Every time I grew to a new level I had to choose to consistently show up to the new me. To say yes to a new awareness rather than slink back to an old way of being that was more comfortable & familiar.

Every new edge, every piece of growth required a willingness in me to show up to it & step into the unknown.

Even now I don’t always do it.

Some days I feel scared & unwilling to see what’s there, to grow anymore, to feel uncomfortable that day.

And that’s ok.

It’s ok because I know the general momentum of my life is moving forward. I use my life force consciously to claim my life, stand in my sovereignty & say yes to what I love & who I am becoming….most days!!

It wasn’t always like that. I was stuck for close to a decade. I had lost everything & forgotten there is always another side to get to when challenge strikes. I had forgotten (or wasn’t mature enough to know yet) that I wasn’t going to be in this place forever.

Change & personal transformation happened when I was willing to look for new ways of being, new ways of receiving the world. The biggest change came when I refused to deny who I was a moment longer. Because denying who I truly was, is what kept me stuck, frozen immobile in the drudgery & the mess of my life.

Life is a journey & becoming who we truly are takes time, commitment & the self love.

We all want to be “there”, wherever we think the perfect there is. But our true “there” takes time to unfold, to reveal itself & for us to grow in strength, resilience & love so we can stand in that place shining our big beautiful hearts.

🧡 Kareena

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