Leonie Dawson (Lifetime Access)

Ready to live unapologetically? Then dive into this interview with Leonie Dawson where we explore everything from living your truth, boundaries, celebration, self love…and yes even a zebra story! Leonie is full of colour (including an abundance of colourful language – NB Course Language Warning) and part of her living unapologetically is giving herself permission to be bright, bold and different. Definitely a fresh perspective, sharing all she has learnt as she: created a multi million dollar business in just 10 hours a week as an artist and author; raised a family; and navigated her own sensitive nature and health challenges. She boldly and passionately shares her version of what self love and living by your own rules (in life and in business) can look like.

“Discovering that it’s a joy to be myself and it’s a joy to share my truth and have it connect with someone else, has fuelled my steadfast desire to be myself as much as I can”

Leonie Dawson

Leonie’s free gift is “Things I Need To Thrive ~ printable worksheet” KNOWING WHAT WE NEED TO THRIVE IS A HUGELY IMPORTANT PRACTICE FOR SELF CARE + SELF LOVE. What each of us needs is highly individual too! I needed to remind myself of what this particular constellation of cells needs, so I made myself a poster to find out. And thought I’d share it with you too!”

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