Manifest from your heart, not the ego's need to control. This is a personal image. Co-founder of Reclaim her is surrounded by the cleansing ocean with her palms open and magic emerging from there. This represents manifesting from the heart. This image is both decorative & functional.

Manifest from your heart, not the ego’s need to control

When you first start the “creating a heart aligned life journey” you can feel like you want to assert control and pressure on the forces of life…to bend it all to your will. Warning, this approach is of the ego, not the heart. Manifesting from the ego is a long, arduous journey that often times won’t bring you desired results. It’s time to manifest from your heart, not the ego’s need to control. 

Creating a vision you love and taking inspired action toward it calls in divine support for what you truly want! Inspired action is an assertion of your energy and life force, but it isn’t controlling or pressuring life to bring you what you desire at the perfect time. 

When you control, it comes from a place of distrust that the universe has your back…you get in the way, you dishonour and mistrust that you are supported.

With creating a heart aligned life, comes letting go….and faith….and self compassion as you sit in the vulnerability of relinquishing control! 

It requires believing in your vision and your heart’s whispers, taking inspired action and relinquishing the rest of the work to your co-creator. This is a team effort. 

When you come to an understanding that controlling life is ineffective in creating a heart-inspired outcomes, and it uses up precious energy, you start to seek a more aligned way of being – the dance with flow: receiving your visions and taking inspired action. This is the way of feminine power.

The more you choose to let go of your strategies to control and keep yourself safe, the more you create space to allow everything you want to come in. The more you tell the universe (your co-creator) “I trust me, I trust you”. And there is so much more enjoyment of the journey. 

A heart-aligned life is driven by love, trust and self honouring. It comes from knowing you are an innate and vital part of the divine creation of life. 

That who you are and what you love, as well as what you value, matters. 

You are part of the fabric of creation and when you allow yourself to own your place in the web of life, becoming more of your true heart-aligned self, you realise you don’t need to control the outer world but rather can let go and follow the flow of love…even while life and all its challenges happen.

This is your encouragement to relax, surrender and trust your heart… manifest from your heart and not your ego’s need to control. 

Love Kareena 

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