Joyful Expectancy Oracle Cards


A gorgeous set of 40 oracle (guidance) cards to support your journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond.

These stunning oracle cards for pregnant women were brought into this world as part of Kareena’s own personal journey into motherhood (with 4 children) and offer support, practical guidance and inspiration for pregnancy and birth. Alongside the oracle cards guidebook, the cards help all women tap into what they already hold – an inner power so strong, a knowing so primal, a trust so deep that the day to day challenges, fears and doubts of pregnancy can be transformed by awareness into JOYFUL EXPECTANCY.

For both our Reclaim Her business and also our own growth process, much of the heart-connecting guidance that has a basis in birthing, eg. birthing ideas for our business, has come from these cards.

$10 Flat shipping Australia wide. Wholesale inquiries welcome.

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