Focusing on Impossibility vs Possibility

When you focus on impossibility that’s what you get. More impossibility. It’s all you can see because it is all you are looking for.

If your control freak is active you can bet you are in the world of impossibility and distrust.

When you shift that wonderful powerful mind of yours to possibility thinking, the world opens up.

You find solutions and new pathways because that’s what you are actively looking for.

The challenge is that the path of possibilities steps into the unknown. It takes you to places unfamiliar and potentially vulnerable or challenging.

The demons you fight when you focus on IMpossibility are ones you know. You have battled them your whole life…the problem is they steal all your focus and energy. They will never go away, they are always there ready and willing for the next battle. That is what they live and are hungry for. It’s like an addiction.

What you seek…passion, expression and love…is found in the world of possibility. It is found in the space of heart open and in the feeling body. It is found when you are MOST open, most receptive, most available for the next step to be downloaded to you.

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