Reclaiming our Feminine Power

Trusting ourselves and who we are can be a deeply challenging process for most women. Most of us are just dipping our toe into creating a life aligned with who we know we are. Most of the time we look around our lives and feel misaligned, and wanting for more.

Why do we find it so hard to be all of ourselves?

Because we have experienced generations of denying who we are and our innate gifts.

In our DNA and genetic imprint is the memory we have been ridiculed and persecuted and even put to death when we have not conformed with societal expectations..We are slowly redefining our outer worlds with equality gently seeping in to what we demand for ourselves and our future generations. Still there is a long way to go but as our outer worlds change we can still feel wanting.

That is because our inner worlds haven’t caught up yet.

This next wave of feminine empowerment must come from within.

It is us challenging our own set of beliefs and personal stories and no longer being our own jailers. Most of us still live a fraction of our capacity. We do a lot…oh my goodness we do a lot….but when it comes to using our unique gifts and innate skills in powerful ways to create a fulfilling life for ourselves…we use a fraction.

Most of the time we spend more energy on distraction, serving others and perpetuating our own stories rather than challenging them and doing the hard, but deeply rewarding, work of transforming our lives so we can feel fulfilled, vibrant, worthy and vital.

Most of us deny our gifts rather than risk persecution.

We hide what we think and our true beliefs for fear of not belonging. We minimise our wants and our longings so we don’t have to face the searing discomfort of a life that feels half hearted and misaligned.

The change comes when we draw our line in the sand and say no more to our old stories, limiting beliefs and most of all our routine lives. We must draw up the courage within ourselves and stop believing the untruths within our own minds that say we can’t, we mustn’t, we have to, if only.

We are NOT powerless.

You are NOT powerless.

Even if life is sucking at the moment and you are in the depths of struggle, you are not powerless and yes your longings are real and you absolutely deserve more.

Do the work beloved and work out what it is time to say no to…and what it is time to finally say yes to.

You deserve it…and only you can create the change

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