Rising through the Struggle

So beautiful woman. Here it is. You are magnificent. Your calling is true. Your struggles are real.

You will overcome your struggles because you are more powerful than you may know.

How do I know….because I’ve been there.

I know the feeling where trust has gone and faith that life will ever get better is dwindling…it did get better. I felt the despair of trying to be something wonderful for my family but feeling so empty I didn’t even know how to get up in the morning…but I did. I felt the world had crashed around me, like I’d been knocked to my knees by the force of life and never knew if I could or would be able to get up again…I did.

And so will you. Life can be harsh, harrowing, and deeply painful. Life can be like a rugged landscape and sometimes we find ourselves climbing the cliff or walking through a swamp filled with quick sand.

You will rise gorgeous woman. You will find your strength, your love, and yes even your passion. Keep going. Keep becoming more of yourself.

No going back! Right…the old you is gone forever and there is a new, even more powerful and beautiful you arising. Like the sunrise she may just be a slight glow (or it may still be the dark before the dawn) but she is there. She will rise, Beautiful. Have faith, look for beauty in yourself, affirm your strength for all you have endured and see the places you have already triumphed. For you have…and you will shine again.

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