4 Steps To Guide You From Surviving To Thriving

Life can feel impossible when you’re in the surviving phase, but I’m here to tell you it’s not!

Survival mode can strip just about your entire ability to vision the future and to forward think. It sees you only able to function in the here and now, dealing with what’s right in front of you. 

And trust me, I know the depths of it. When you’re in this space it can be filled with despair, overwhelm, anxiety, and fear.

The map for your way out seems lost and at this point feeling faithful seems out of reach… The most difficult part most women find is practicing faith that you will find your way through and believing there is possibility all around you right now. BUT, it’s what will guide you from surviving to thriving. 

Beloved, if you’re in survival mode, I invite you to follow the process below to get you through to a lighter space with more awareness of possibility.

4 Steps To Guide You From Surviving To Thriving:

Step 1: Choose one thing to focus on moving toward. Something that feels doable, so you can begin to see wins in your life (big or small). If it’s something that makes your heart happy even better.

Step 2: Be compassionate and kind to yourself. You deserve it!

In this survival space, what also feels miles away, but is of great importance, is constant self compassion. Life feels hard right now. You deserve kindness, self compassion, and even more love.

Self punishment keeps us closed down and stuck. Whereas compassion calls upon a gentleness with yourself through the process. This is necessary because you can still feel tentative and even wobbly from your past experience when faith was challenged.

Self compassion and self kindness allows us to see we just did the best we knew how to do. It opens us up to receive the next piece in our life.

Step 3: Spend time and energy noticing the improvements, where things do go your way. Fill yourself with gratitude for even the tiniest good thing in your life. 

The nature of life is ebb & flow. In survival mode we often focus on what’s not working, and what can go wrong. Fear encourages us to shore up our armour against possible future pain by looking for all the problems. This creates deeper feelings of anxiousness and despair.

Focussing on what’s working, what you already have and even the smallest moments that feel good, opens your field of possibilities. We begin looking for even more good, and more good comes. This can be amplified by breathing in gratitude for these moments.

Step 4: Foster courage by challenging inner fears and taking inspired action toward your doable next goal.

Faith needs its companion: “courage”.

To move out of survival mode, we must courageously navigate our inner world where the fears exist, confront them with tenderness, challenge if they are actually true (or just a fear) and keep moving forward to our next doable goal. This shows the part of you that feels afraid, that you are courageous and will thrive again. 

Continuing to take action , however small, on what you can and what feels true is the start of rebuilding strength and widening your capacity for phases of struggle. It equips you to not be crippled by certain experiences, but rather to move through them from a place of empowerment. Even the tiniest step is an important win.

Moving from survival to thriving is a journey, one of faith, courage, self compassion and taking forward moving action.

It’s putting energy and focus on a positive future instead of fear ~

Love Kareena

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