The Comparison Game

There is this incredible phenomena where we as women can see the beauty, magic, magnificence and brilliance in other women. We spend our lives comparing and coming up short because we appreciate that women, especially those in our life that we love and resonate with are such incredible beings. We see their light, their beauty, their potential, their passion and gifts. We admire that.

The part we miss though is that all of this which we see in the women in our lives, is within us. It’s a reflection. The ones closest to you carry the same vibration as you (or at least that which you recognise in yourself but is as yet unexpressed). You have the same depth of passion, beauty and magic. On some deep level we know this and yet we spend our lives literally undermining and denigrating ourselves.

Why? It seems like the most ridiculous thing in the world to admire the beauty in other women and ignore it in ourselves. Well we say let’s not do that anymore.

Every time we see and admire something in another woman let us take a moment to find it in ourselves, where does it live, how does it feel to know that beauty is within me?… and then ask….

How can I foster this quality that I clearly love and admire, even more in myself?

What can I do to be more of my magical, beautiful, magnificent self.

That is an empowering question as it honours you are already this beautiful quality and now it’s about choice whether to express it or suppress it. Let’s choose to express it.

Today we honour the magic, beauty, magnificence and inspiring brilliance in you….may you see what we see!

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