The Importance of the Masculine

I have noticed recently how vital it is to be balanced in the feminine and the masculine. My feminine is humming!!! I’m highly intuitive, I receive clear guidance, I listen, receive, be. They are natural strengths. The masculine however, taking direct action especially in the world, taking up space, penetrating the world around me….well this feels like a somewhat unused muscle and certainly an area that brings me great discomfort. I am a great doer, but this is not the divine masculine, it’s just distraction from true action.

After chatting with my husband yesterday (a master of the masculine) he lovingly pointed out that where I hold myself back the most is will, the determination to show up, even when it feels uncomfortable.

So here I am using my will! …. It’s a divine union I am creating, but up till now one partner (my masculine) is disengaged, afraid and under utilised. The other partner (my feminine) does not have the skills or natural ability to do the journey into the world. So I am now committing to retrain this masculine side.

The truth is I’ve realised I’m afraid of taking up space in the world. I feel like if I expand someone else misses out. I feel like I have to meet everyone’s needs before I can create my truth…but this is just a very tricky people pleaser lie and in fact it serves no one. It is such an old blah blah story that I’ve given myself a good old inspirational talking to and let it know I am not indulging this story anymore.

So here is my new story. Still fully forming. I can be in the world even if it’s uncomfortable, I have the courage to be vulnerable, to be open and to take inspired action on what I love. My heart is so beautiful and I choose to love myself….my whole self….enough to give it full expression.

So many women I know struggle with this too….either they are highly intuitive but dreamers who struggle to take action or they take so much action but not inspired action. Not the action based on their hearts, their intuition and their passions. They are busy but not full of inspiration, love and joy.

So beautiful woman, which partner needs some loving encouragement and how will you foster that today?

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