This is a personal image with our lead soul coach holding space for a client. This photo is paired with the blog post "Awakening is a process of meeting your edges: The key to a vibrant life and expansion" because it represents a woman who is undergoing transformation.

The Key To a Vibrant Life Is Meeting Your Edges

The key to a vibrant life is meeting your edges through awakening and this path of conscious living and awakening is not always an easy one. 

It can seem scary and it can be exhausting. Many times my friends and I have wondered what life would be like if we just trotted through without the depth of feeling, connection, awareness, vibrancy and pull to our own destiny.

While I wouldn’t change my path for all the world, sometimes it is challenging to be awake and feeling.

~ You can’t ignore the hardships

~ You can’t lie about your state of being

~ It is harder to pretend you are not out of balance and 

~ It can be difficult to keep showing up to your edges day in and day out

… for me, I refuse denial of the pull to the woman I feel called to become – even with the challenges that can present.

Once you “awaken”, the process of meeting your edges begins and meeting your edges is the key to a vibrant life and expansion. 

Here you are reminded of your inherent nature (a spiritual/energetic being with infinite potential) and you experience the knowing that you are more than your struggles, obligations, accumulated stories, emotions and roles you take on. It is here that you meet your innate strength, Spirit and infinite power. These join you at your edges and grant you the ability to persevere and soar. 

So although a whole new, sometimes daunting world emerges when we awaken and devote ourselves to conscious awareness and living our truth, it’s so much more rewarding than purely surviving. It gifts you new levels of expansion, it adds vibrancy to your life, it gives you your power back, it allows you to create the life you dream of. 

I encourage you to move gently through the process of meeting your edges and unlocking the vibrant life you desire. Use the right tools, resources, support and practices – remember you are always doing the best you know how to do. Celebrate yourself, let it be a journey of ebb & flow and reach out to us if you need support. 

Love Kareena. 

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