The Silent Pain

Do you feel it? That calling. That silent pain. That longing, that knowing there is more…even if you don’t know exactly what that is. It’s like an ache, a restlessness, a tightness in the chest.

At this point, some women (most women) resist. We become busy, distract ourselves, focus on others, create conflict/chaos, perhaps even become destructive to create enough drama to silence this calling – all the while believing this is the right way to be as a woman. That’s how we’ve been raised, most of us anyway, to ignore that potential within, numb ourselves out and serve others. We weren’t taught this out of malice but out of fearful social conditioning and most likely just out of our parents not even realising there is another way. We cause ourselves so much suffering just from this one act of self-denial. Not pausing to see, hear and feel our own truth…and then act on it.

There is another way. Another teaching coming through and that is that ..

Every woman has a magnificent, unique calling and when she lives this divine and beautiful truth, it serves her and all the people around her.

This way of living is in contrast to social conditioning for generations of women. This is why it feels hard…we believe our social conditioning over our truth. But the tides are turning, now’s the time to begin listening my friends. For your greatness, your beauty and your truth is here to serve yourself and others now.

So today, are you willing to take a moment to listen to your heart?

What has it been whispering to you that you have refused to hear? She is here right now. Go into nature or light a candle, even have a bath….take yourself somewhere quiet & listen to the voice of your heart and intuition. Notice when you do this what your experience is.

Is the voice clear or quiet? Is your mind noisy and in the way? Do you resist what you hear…or hear nothing? Or does she flow like silk bringing her wisdom and magic into clarity?

All these experiences are normal. If you have suppressed your inner voice for decades, it may take a bit of time to finally hear it…but persist, be determined, open your heart, your mind & your willingness. You are so worth it. I promise

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