To be an Empress…

To be an Empress in our own life means we have to fall in love with our life. We must learn to trust her, relax into her and embody her. Finding this sense of empowerment takes ….well for me it feels like it has taken a lifetime…my lifetime so far and still I am learning and growing into it.

To be an Empress means I am governing from within. I use my intuition and inner guidance over external pressures and fear of judgement. I trust what I know to be true, not what I fear. That is perhaps the biggest journey for me, this coming to trust what I know over the voices of my past authority figures. Every time I make choices that go against those authority figures, whose voices still live in my head, I feel fear I am making a mistake, guilt that I am not doing it their way and doubt. So much doubt that I have to first wrestle with it to work out what is true, what is fear, what hazards I need to be mindful of including those in my head that hold me back with the lure of perceived safety.

To be an Empress means I must reclaim those lost parts of myself. The places I have denied my worth, my knowing, my passions, my truth….there are so many of these. I notice though as I consciously choose to trust life, to love who I am and love my life, that these lost parts begin to reveal themselves one by one. They know I have opened to reclaim them and that I choose to live my true life. I welcome them in and create a safe space as they find their way back into my consciousness. I wonder why they have returned and mostly why I ever let them go.

To be an Empress does not mean force, endurance, pushing against. Rather it is an opening, a vulnerability, a quest for truth, love and beauty.  It is a welcoming. It is choosing to trust life and to trust that I have the capacity, skills, and inner strength to live what is true….It is dancing with life, knowing she is a beautiful partner and that sometimes the dance is smooth and graceful and sometimes it will lead me into unknown places of mystery, discovery and discomfort….but that she is with me…life, the Divine, my own incredible spirit.

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