Tracy McFie (Lifetime Access)

Our interview today is with Tracy McFie. This is a story of triumph, spirituality, the importance of forgiveness and so much more. From deep loss in her 20’s, to betrayal and break up in her early 30’s, Tracy shares how the unexpected pain was so intense it felt like she was “crawling on her belly through broken glass”. She shares how she got back up, reclaimed her life, created her heart aligned business and built a thriving community all as a single Mum. Tracy is a spiritually fierce conscious creator of change. A leader with over 25 years of experience in the empowered women’s space, Tracy is the Creator & CEO of Wyld Tribe Australia. This is a beautiful, rich and heart opening interview.

The power of a woman is a force of nature. She is boundless, endless, wyld in her ability to love, forgive, recreate and RECLAIM. She is a Supernova!

Tracy McFie

Tracy’s free gift is a gorgeous heart inspired “30 minute Meditation created just for Becoming Me Again” Click on the link to read more from Tracy.

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