Trust in the Journey

Sometimes we don’t know the plan. We think we are on a trajectory, a calling. We even show up to it, plead for it, long for it.⁠

It bounces in and out of our lives.⁠

Life happens and still it sits there waiting for us and we wait for it…longing, pleading.⁠

We think there is a way it should be⁠ or should have been.⁠ This may cause us considerable suffering.⁠

Are we being punished?⁠
Are we not good enough or doing something wrong?⁠
Are we not powerful enough, ready enough, doing enough?⁠
Or is it just not yet time?⁠

The answers to these questions may be more a reflection on the size of the manifestation, not our capacity.⁠

Perhaps we are still growing⁠ to be able to hold such a vision.⁠ Perhaps all is just perfect.⁠
We are gaining the perfect skills, the perfect wisdom, the perfect us to fulfil our own longing and our own life purpose.⁠

Can we really miss our calling?⁠

I don’t think so.⁠ We just all blossom at the perfect time.⁠

Life is a journey of⁠
☀️ growth⁠
☀️ strength⁠
☀️ expansion⁠
☀️ developing skills and⁠
☀️ fostering our trust in ourselves.⁠

For most of us that does not come innately.⁠

We must learn to trust who we are is perfect;⁠ that our longings are true and valid; and that our destiny is longing⁠ and waiting for us⁠ just as we are longing and waiting for it.⁠

Today we wish you time to pause, forgive yourself for your restlessness and impatience and to remember you are a perfect, divine, magical and incredible woman.⁠

You can trust who you are and that your life is unfolding according to grace…even if right now it doesn’t feel like it. ⁠

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