When the Compromise is Intolerable…

There is a pull of obligation that is prevalent in the women we work with. They are powerful, hard working, passionate. They’ve dedicated their life to serving. They care. And they so want to follow the call of their heart

But the pull of obligation to serve family, create a stable income, be a “good” woman (whatever they believe that to be) can be destabilising.

They’ve experienced numbness to their core, despair that they cannot create the life they know is calling them.

Most have tried but can’t find their way through or out of their situation.

Then comes that moment in life.
Perhaps you’ve been here.

When the compromise is intolerable.

The children are older, demands seem less, or perhaps a personal crisis has been endured and sparked this need for change.

No matter the cause, the will to create and reorient life has awoken.

Have you felt it?
Do you feel it now?

It is time to reclaim your life.

The hunger is alive but you aren’t sure where to begin.

It’s a painful but inspiring place. A mix of powerlessness as the old life is still in the everyday, & determination to move toward the new life more aligned with your passion & purpose. The pull forward is louder, stronger than the fears.

The challenge is it’s hard to do this journey alone.

Because we believe our own stories

🔸 We believe our fears are real,
🔸 the circumstances of our lives feel immovable,
🔸 the relationships that have known a status quo are difficult to change

When we see our story reflected in another woman though, we come to see they are just stories and our life is changeable.

If she can do it, I can do it is a powerful tool of creation.

We can also look at another woman’s insecurities, wondering “how can she be pausing her life for “this” when she has so much to offer the world”. We see her gifts as incredible, her fears as misplaced, but we struggle to see this within ourselves.

Slowly as we witness enough women compromising their life, we come to see where we too are sacrificing our greatness for old stories & false insecurities. We can choose then to empower our own transformation through awareness, strength in sisterhood & conscious choices.

A group of women sharing, growing together, being in community are a powerful force for individual and united change.

That’s the passion behind Reclaim Her!

Much love,
Kareena & Sophie

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