You are Enough

Sometimes I struggle to know I am enough. What even is enough? And how do I know I am it?

It is an exhausting process always trying to measure up to some unknown and indefinable measuring stick that lives somewhere outside myself.

Then it occurred to me. What if there is no measuring stick and I am just simply enough. Everyday. Whether in my pyjamas running around like a pork chop getting kids to school…sometimes late or not at all!! In my writing which always feels exposing and vulnerable. In my relationship with my less than perfect body, moods that sometimes fly up and down and feelings of inadequacy in my ability to get it right. What if even with all of that I am still enough. Just as I am.

And what if I am not only just enough but I am actually gloriously perfect. What if you are too? My kids are, my husband is? What if each of us is actually perfect in all our glorious perceived imperfections and there is nothing left to fix or improve.

Could each of us then be free to live our truth in the world. To let go of so much of the struggle and just celebrate we are just as we are meant to be and get on being us!

I don’t know about you, but I can only assume as you are human, that you may struggle with just allowing yourself to be the wonderful woman you are. The truth is though, we are perfect.

We are who we are for a wonderful and powerful reason. We are one unique thread in the incredible tapestry of life and without that thread, the bright, luminous unique and colourful thread that we are, the tapestry will be poorer for it.

And what if it is not only one woman who is not living her truth… Most women are not showing up in the fullness of our truth, so imagine how this tapestry of life is suffering.

The only one we can change though is ourself. Only I can decide to live my truth, and you yours. We can do this in service to our own hearts and we can do it in service to the whole. To inspire other women to claim their truth. Otherwise this tapestry of life that has so much potential, it not only is dull compared to its promise, but it will likely have a giant hole where women are not taking up their place.

We have value and we most definitely are enough – no matter what. No conditions, no ‘have to do this first’s, no ‘when my kids are older’, no ‘when I have more money’…Just right now, as you are, you are enough and we welcome your beautiful unique truth to be expressed in the world in all its messy, beginner, beauty and imperfection.

So bring it beauties. Decide now you are enough, and take up your place in this tapestry of life! We can’t wait to see the beauty you are!

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