This image of a women with her arms open toward the sun is indicating her openness to life. It's positioned as the cover photo because it represents the message of the Reclaim Her blog post.

You Are More Powerful Than What You Think

You are more powerful than what you think! So much more than the mind, AND what you think about yourself. 

Did you know that the doubts you have, pretty much everyone has too?

~ “I’m not good enough”

~ “I don’t have value”

~ “I’m powerless to create change”

~ “Who am I to want or have this?” 

To name a few… 

It’s just part of the human psyche.

We doubt ourselves, berate ourselves and diminish ourselves….

BUT ~ we don’t have to believe that voice ~ 

We can still take action on what we desire, fill our lives with what we love and move towards our goals. We can still be who we are in our hearts…even with the thoughts of doubt.

The journey of moving through your beautiful life from a place of inner empowerment (despite the voice of doubt), begins with a few steps:

  1. Cultivating awareness around the inner critic voice and when it shows up.
  2. Once you’re aware of the thoughts, you can remind yourself you are not those thoughts. In fact they are meaningless, weightless (unless you give them weight). 
  3. Use them as an opportunity to strengthen the truth of who you are by using them as a signal to switch to positive, empowering thoughts eg “I value love”…”living my truth will make the world a better place”…”what step can I take to make my life or anothers life happier right now”…”what would love say to me”
  4. Take heart-inspired / love inspired action.
The photo of this image is here to break up the paragraphs and invoke a feeling of freedom. To ignite inspiration for all the women reading this in despair.

Over time when you challenge the voices, you strengthen the truth and they lose power each time you do so.

The more you challenge them, the more you prove to yourself they’re just fear talking, not reality. 

The more you take action on what you love, (and keep moving despite challenges and doubtful thoughts appearing) the more you prove that the doubts/illusions you believed were real, are in fact definitely false! 

Intense life events happen, beloved woman, this is the nature of reality. And sometimes they show up increasingly when we go after what we want. There is no question about this.

However, the important thing is to keep moving toward what you love, filling your life up with what’s important to you and being the fullest expression of yourself even if that is the tiniest imaginable baby step.

~ It affirms that you are prioritising yourself and nothing will stop you (diminishing the power of the thoughts).

~ It tells the universe you are doing this and therefore opportunities WILL come.

~ It lets you prove to yourself that you are strong and that you can keep moving forward, reclaiming, valuing yourself, becoming who you are.

Life is full of challenges, but they don’t need to stop your journey toward the fullest expression of your big beautiful heart, living your truth and receiving what you desire. Your mind may tell you from time to time that you’re insignificant, unworthy or incapable, but you are more powerful than what you think. 

Anyone who is where they want to be in their life will tell you there were challenges, obstacles and distractions…and they kept going with what was in their heart, because your heart is the most powerful asset you have. 

Love Kareena 

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