Zoe Watson (Lifetime Access)

Zoë Watson is a Wellness Entrepreneur and Founder of Bliss Sanctuary For Women in Bali. With Companies across Australia, Hong Kong and Dubai, operations in Bali and working on a new online startup, Zoë is a powerhouse of success. What many don’t see though is that she is living with chronic illness and the day to day management of that can often find her working from her bed.
This journey has taught her important values and habits like: running a business in feminine flow; creating space in her inner and outer world so she can connect to her intuition; loving her body generously; and boundaries and extreme self care to ensure she can navigate the day to day challenges of chronic illness and continue her journey of soulful business success. Zoë’s story is full of inspiration and she offers an abundance of tips and strategies that she uses in her own life to build success and manage ongoing personal health challenges.

‘…if there’s one thing you can trust it’s that our bodies are 100% here for us to help us roam this Earth and do what we need to do on this Earth. Our bodies are miracles and we need to trust miracles again

Zoë Watson

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