Become the Creator of your Own Life

One of the greatest challenges of reorienting our life and reclaiming our sovereignty over our life choices, is the voice in our heads. Some days it is quiet and compliant, but the times when we say yes and start moving on the path of our heart you can be assured that voice will start screaming…and in a powerful way as it already knows your weak spots.

It knows the places where shame has robbed your confidence, where betrayal has stolen your power and where self doubt has seeped in and can immobilise you with a single thought.

I talk a lot about this because in my experience it is the thing we have amnesia around.

We can have the thought, experience the immobilisation, get lead off track, have the awareness that we went off track and it was our thought that caused it, feel the power of the epiphany….and then before we know it we’ve forgotten that whole experience and get triggered by the same voice of doubt, threat of betrayal or hint of shame and get undone all over again.

We reclaim our power when we stop and get very conscious about these undoing thoughts. We must recognise them, name them and lock them in so when they sneak up and we find ourselves on the path of our own undoing, we can catch it, shout NO and put ourselves back on the path we are choosing.

Visibility is ok, expression is wonderful, your purpose and how you are called to share it IS perfect.

Take conscious clear action steps on your path by knowing the inner voice that is filled with fear and wants to keep you small. Know what it wants and how it has led you astray already. Once upon a time no doubt that inner voice was your friend, but now it just holds you back and its message is old, perhaps not even yours but that of well meaning parents or influences.

You deserve the very best.

✨ Reclaim sovereignty over your inner world
✨ Become the creator of your own life &
✨ Reorient through inspired, conscious choices and action.

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