From fear to freedom.. This image is of a joyful woman in a field of orange flowers. It represents a woman who is filled with life & operating in freedom. We want the women reading our Reclaim Her blog post to see themselves in it.

From fear to freedom

Are you ready to move from fear to freedom? 

When we are called to grow and expand in our lives or feel moved to become more of ourselves…it can be deeply uncomfortable.

Our old “stuff” comes up telling us stories that tempt us to stall or stop our progress. All those old beliefs you forgot were even there rise up. The places you are still holding yourself back get revealed. The judgements you hold about yourself and others flash before your eyes. The fears, insecurities, doubts etc fly around untethered.

It’s scary!

And it begs the question, do I want to keep holding back for all these misguided fears, doubts, insecurities, judgements?

Or do I want to soar?

Do I want to free myself from these constraints once and for all?

Hell YES!

The old “stuff” (beliefs, stories, fears and doubts) that holds us back is boring. BORING! Am I right?

∼ That doubtful voice in your head

The intense emotion in your body

The clenching of your chest/gut

The fears

So boring.

It’s time to rule our lives by something more beautiful than our boring old “stuff”. It’s time to move from fear to freedom. 

Imagine ruling your life with freedom? With the quest for joy and beauty. With a vision that pulls you forward that feels right and expansive, that feels like your heart and your soul contributing to life in a way that feels meaningful, heart inspiring, beautiful.

Imagine then when the old boring old “stuff” shows up, it just doesn’t have the same power. Love becomes stronger than the fears. The future becomes more appealing than the safety of the past.

I wonder what a life of freedom, joy, beauty and meaning is for you!! “I wonder…”

To speak further on this, I once had the honour of seeing my son (and about 30 other kids) teach me a potent lesson on the power of stepping out of their comfort zone and taking a risk. I watched the grand final of their schools state Theatre Sports competition. May not sound like much, but like most of life’s experiences, it was an invitation for a powerful life lesson.

Apart from being wildly funny, what stood out were that the participants that took the biggest risks got the greatest reward. The kids who held back were hard to notice or feel inspired by. The ones who didn’t worry what anyone else thought and instead jumped in to be of service to their group, their audience, themselves…well, they shone. We all loved them! We admired their courage, their bravery, their vulnerability…they also had no regrets, they had fun, they were inspired by their own courage (even though they had doubts, fears, hesitation before they jumped in)

It made me reflect on my own life and my coaching client’s lives. Where I (and they) hold back are the places that don’t flourish. Areas of my relationships, my work, my personal pleasure…when I don’t claim it, give myself full permission, let myself fully dive in even if it feels vulnerable…I don’t get the rewards.

Holding back isn’t worth it. It costs us greatly. Diving in is where the gold of life lives!! 

It’s time to take some action toward the expanded, inspired, most magnificent version of you that you can be right now. I invite and encourage you to just do it! Your life is too precious and magnificent to play small. 

Love Kareena

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