It’s never that you don’t have value…

Every woman has value and yet the one thing we see women struggle most with, and trust deeply in, is their innate worth.

You do have immense worth and value, and it’s as simple as that.

We can either deny it, stifle it, hide it, feel shame about it and thwart it….or we can embrace it, live it, be vulnerable in it and dare to live it.

My value is serving women to live from their hearts, empowering women with knowledge about their intuition and divine motherhood, that is allowing motherhood to be a powerful rite of passage for women to find their magic, trust their intuition and connect to their own truth when raising their family. Sophie’s is being a model for what alternative living can be, living a life of adventure, promoting wellness and vitality to live, laugh and love more powerfully and above all she is about sharing the miracle and wonder of life and the human journey so we can live from love and awe.

Wow amazing right!! I know these to be true and yet both of us have struggled so deeply with knowing, owning and embodying our value. I have such a deep fear of not belonging and being weird. A wonderful coach said to me that my weird is my super power…and it is, but I still felt weird!!! So the journey for us has not been one of not having value. I see Sophie’s, Sophie sees mine, but stepping into it, acknowledging that we do have value to the world and to others is a vulnerable journey of trust in others and in ourselves. We have to be brave. We have to be seen and we have to trust that you, our community will hold us.

We have decided though that in our desire to build a community where every woman feels seen, held and honoured that we must first see, hold and honour ourselves. If we want you to live your value and come to love it, then we must first live and love ours.

So here we are…”just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her”…oops hang on that’s from Notting Hill!! Only my all time favourite movie…but the sentiment is the same. To be loved we must all be willing to be seen, to be vulnerable and to put our precious hearts on the line.

We love you, you have value and we love you are journeying with us. Thank you xxx

Questions for reflection:

What is your value, your secret super power?

Do you share it? If yes do you share it boldly or hold a piece of yourself back for safe keeping?

If you don’t, why not? Be honest, go deep. Is it trust in yourself, in others, in the world? Or is it a struggle with how and where you fit? Do you feel it’s too much…or not enough?

If you did have value what would it be…

How would you love to share it…

What’s one thing today you could do to share your value…

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