Kelly Rae Roberts (Lifetime Access)

Today we’re sharing a beautiful burst of sunshine, Kelly Rae Roberts. Her interview today is filled with insights from her journey … from not acknowledging she had any artistic ability, to suffering anxiety, right through to transforming her life from medical social worker, supporting people through trauma, to the impactive, heart-aligned full time artist and author she is today.

Kelly Rae is a renowned self-taught artist and entrepreneur, and is someone who you just know believes in the Power of Possibility. Kelly Rae speaks openly about her journey and the tips, techniques and mindset that has helped her find her way to success and deeper happiness.

“Life is messy, precious, and so very good. Dreams do come true.
Love is everywhere.
My gratitude is endless.”

Kelly Rae Roberts

Kelly Rae’s free gift is “The Possibilitarian Manifesto” 🧡  A gorgeous and artful printable / downloadable manifesto.

Below is the link to Kelly Rae’s book she mentions
Taking Flight: Inspiration And Techniques To Give Your Creative Spirit Wings
Available for purchase on Amazon

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